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Adherence Might Be the New Gold Standard for Quality in Healthcare

Stakeholders are looking to patients as key variables in adherence and wondering whether throwing tech at a problem will affect more than just wallets.
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The Most Important Factors When Choosing a Primary Care Provider

If communication fosters a strong relationship and yields results that satisfy patients, it shouldn't matter if the provider is male, female, doctor or nurse.

How to Diagnose and Treat Disgruntled Patients

Dissatisfaction a very real disorder that will only worsen without proper treatment. Here are three common frustrations with suggestions for how to respond to them.

How to Build a Culture that Shows Patients You Care

One promise central to Disney is the expectation of genuine care for each person that touches the company. In healthcare, this means caring for every person from custodians to doctors to patients.
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4 Ways You Can Improve Your Patients’ Engagement

Patient engagement has emerged as a key component of reducing the likelihood of an adverse outcome - both clinical and medicolegal.
Calvin Togashi, Principal Consultant at Assigncorp

Prompt Outreach Makes Between Visit Communications Simple

The Prompt Outreach platform will offer clinicians a simple way to outreach to patients via a variety of means: emails, SMS texts, telephony, and PDF letters.
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The Rheumatologist’s Rant – A Most Obnoxious Doctor

As far as I can tell, this guy could compete for the prize of "Most Obnoxious Doctor" from the Society for Participatory Medicine - if only they had such a prize

Why Patients Don’t Participate in Shared Decision-Making

Authoritarian doctors, fear of retribution, and time constraints all inhibit patients' participation in shared decision-making.

Obese doctors less likely talk about obesity with patients

A study shows that obese doctors were significantly less likely than their normal weight counterparts to discuss weight loss with their obese patients.
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ER Discharge Instructions: Are they Good Enough?

Good discharge instructions may mean the difference between a good outcome and one that is not so good, but how often do patients get them in busy ERs?
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Oncologists and the Gift of Hope

A practicing oncologists says that we have a responsibility to our patients, to be honest, but we also have a responsibility to never take away their hope.

A Doctor-Listening Lesson: Optimizing the Doctor-Patient Relationship

A patient taught his oncologist an important lesson on listening and broke down the doctor-listening barrier.