Blue Cross Blue Shield's take on Affordable Care Act / Obamacare 3186 × 2141

Recently the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association published a report detailing the effects of the Affordable Care Act legislation on consumers and insurance companies....

Bonnie Feldman and colleagues describe a patient-generated blueprint to tackle the 3 most pressing problems people with autoimmune disease face.

Mordy Pelleg tells us 10 essential characteristics to look for in improving the functionality of your practice.
Donald Trump Supporters (Photo Credit: AP Images)

Donald Trump's current and past behaviors are shocking many, but his supporters don't seem to care. A look at how the brain is wired to protect us from danger may explain why.
Successful money making medical practice stethoscope US dollars

Following the steps of the OODA Loop can help medical practices become more efficient, safer, and agile.
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MACRA 2015 set parameters for new physician incentives that can be based, in part, on models from private insurers
Doctor holding iPhone medical app

Dr. Eric Schneider and colleagues are proposing the many ways in which a digital health advisor (DHA) might be helpful.

A new media campaign created by students at Ithaca College (IC) is looking to shift our focus away from physical attributes and toward conversations that go beyond the body.
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While it’s important that we indulge in these luxurious treatments, we must proceed with caution.