What You Need To Know About Eating Disorders (Adobe Stock)

What You Need To Know About Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are a serious psychiatric illness, not a “lifestyle choice.” Patients frequently battle a myriad of symptoms—physical, emotional, and behavioral—and share extreme beliefs about food, weight, and body image.


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Tips on How to Deal with the Effects of Stress on...

Stress occurs in everyone’s life, but there are many actions you can take to deal with it more effectively and block its adverse effects on your body and mind.
woman getting a head and shoulder massage

Massage and Your Brain



Type 2 Diabetes and Heart Disease (Adobe Stock)

Type 2 Diabetes Increases Risk for Heart Disease

Did you know that people with type 2 diabetes spend 1,000% more time planning Valentine’s Day than they do talking to their doctor about diabetes? That's risky. Here's why.
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6 Reasons Why Exercise Helps During Addiction Recovery

Research suggests that adding exercise to addiction treatment may boost the effects of the therapy. Here are some of the ways it can help people through addiction recovery.
The Best 6 Metabolic Benefits of Strength Training For Women

6 Metabolic Benefits of Strength Training For Women

Modern approaches to strength training tailored for women can result in significant metabolic benefits without bulking you up. Here's the evidence.
Studies Reveal How “Super-agers” Retain Young Memories

Studies Reveal How “Super-agers” Retain Young Memories

If you want to maintain your cognitive function, it takes more than brain games. You must activate many brain areas with seriously hard mental work.
Real About Adderall (Adobe Stock) 1000 × 669

It’s Time To Get Real About Adderall

Why has our country’s use of Adderall pushed past normal limits with pockets of our population, not actually afflicted with ADHD, now being hooked on the drug.
Woman stretching while sitting on Sleep Number bed (1170 x 600 px)

How a Smart Bed Can Help You Learn to Sleep Better

Sleep Number's new Sleep 360 bed automatically collects data from you & uploads it to the cloud, where it can be integrated with data from your personal IoT ecosystem. It can help you learn what factors help or hurt your sleep.
The Aging Eye: How to Protect Your Vision (Adobe Stock) 2048 × 1528

The Aging Eye: How to Protect Your Vision

Early intervention in eye disease can reduce age-related vision loss. Eye tests also provide doctors with information about brain health & cognitive functioning.