What is “The Doctor Weighs In”?

The Doctor Weighs In is a unique combination of

  • >>Trusted content
  • >>Multimedia digital platforms
  • >>A source for information on emerging technologies

We fill the gap between technical medical information intended for physicians, and superficial, pseudoscientific consumer websites.

The Doctor Weighs In provides the general public with credible, up-to-date, and engaging content of the highest quality for anyone looking for specific topics of health information.

What we believe

We believe that everyone in the world should have access to reliable, evidence-based information related to common health and wellness concerns. Our goal is to be a leader in the online ecosystem of high-quality health information providers that consumers have come to rely on for trusted health and wellness information.

Physicians and other experts weigh in

The Doctor Weighs In has attracted physicians and other experts to “weigh-in” on topics in their areas of expertise. Our articles are written by authoritative physicians and other clinicians as well as respected independent health journalists. Every article is reviewed and fact-checked by doctors.

We interview influencers in medicine and healthcare policy to keep the public and healthcare professionals informed on cutting-edge developments.

We are your trusted resource for healthy living.

We’ve been around since 2005

Founded in 2005, TDWI evolved from one of the early on-line weight loss sites to what it is today: a multimedia, multi-authored, highly respected source of reliable health information.

We have ~four million page views a year (as of November 2020). The site has millions of online visitors from all over the world. Not only can our readers find specific and trustworthy information, but also they can join or create self-built communities to engage in conversations about specific topics. Our audience often feels inspired and motivated to take action to reach their goals.

What do we focus on

We focus on certain common chronic medical and mental health conditions and healthy living. People seeking health information and resources will find what they need about health, wellness, fitness, exercise, diet, alternative medicine, mental health, public policy, medical devices, innovative treatments, information technologies, and products. Some are personal stories of real people.

Our articles on particular subjects are comprehensive, refined, and medically reviewed by doctors. We hold this high standard for our original content and for all sponsored content. Our publishing guidelines for sponsored content prioritize value for our readers, not for commercialization.

The Doctor Weighs In has developed a reputation for being THE website for doctors and other clinicians to publish what they love to write for consumers.


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Financing and advertising

The Doctor Weighs In, Inc. is a privately held company with one major investor, Patricia Salber, MD, Founder, CEO, and Editor-in-Chief. We monetize the site with Mediavine advertisements, all of which are clearly labeled as ads. We do not accept ads for products that are potentially harmful to someone’s health.

We also belong to a number of affiliate networks, such as Amazon, and occasionally have affiliate links to products from which we earn a small commission. The products are often books written by our authors or products that we ourselves use and recommend to our readers.

If we publish an article for which we have been paid, we clearly label the story as sponsored content. All sponsored content must follow our contributor guidelines and pass our rigorous editorial process.

We also ask our authors to disclose any financial conflicts of interest. These disclosures appear at the bottom of the story.

Our Founder, CEO, and Editor-in-Chief, Patricia Salber, MD, MBA

Dr. Pat Salber, founder, CEO, and Editor-in-Chief of The Doctor Weighs In, is a renowned physician of internal and emergency medicine. Dr. Salber was an honor student at UCSF, one of the world’s best medical schools. She graduated with honors for her MBA at UC/Irvine. She was in senior executive positions at large healthcare organizations such as Kaiser Permanente and Blue Shield. She has been a highly respected consultant to the US federal government and other organizations. She has had numerous TV appearances about various health-related topics, including CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360. She has a wide base of knowledge across multiple healthcare subjects and verticals. Pat has a life-long passion for medicine, distinguished by her compassion for the human condition.

Dr. Salber has made many substantial contributions to medicine, both as a practitioner and as a senior physician executive, and a consultant over her decades of a distinguished career. She would like TDWI to be her legacy. “Over the years, I have left a lot of money on the table because I refused to promote unproven supplements, other shoddy health products, and so forth. I think it may be paying off now.”

“TDWI is my baby. Now she is 15 years old and is about to conquer the world!“

The best way to contact Dr. Salber is via her business email: [email protected] or leave her a message on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/docweighsin/