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maternal health crisis pregnant women doing telehealth call

CVS Health/Aetna Responds to the Maternal Health Crisis During COVID

Joanne Armstrong, MD, MPH - 11/18/2020 - 1

While not a solution to the maternal health crisis, good communication can help expectant patients feel safe getting care during COVID-19.

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medical interpretation and translation doctor uses medical interpreter at bedside

Why Medical Translation and Medical Interpretation Services are Key in Quality Healthcare

Mark Blackwood - 7/9/2020 - 0

All industries need translators and interpreters who are trained in […]

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dying patient old farmer in afield

The Indomitable Spirit of My Dying Patient

Sam Kant, MD - 4/30/2020 - 5

Caring for his dying patient, a much-loved Irish farmer with advanced renal failure reminded a doctor of what’s really important in medicine.

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distracted doctor looking at tablet

What to Do When Your Doctor is Distracted

Ronald Epstein, MD - 4/27/2020 - 2

What should you do when you notice your doctor is distracted? A primary care doctor provides tips to help them get back on track.

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doctor giving bad news to patient

5 Things Not to Do When Delivering Bad News to Patients

Jacques Fontaine, M.D. - 4/19/2020 - 0

Although compassion and empathy are innate qualities, specific education and training can sharpen and improve how physicians deliver bad news to patients.

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doctor listening to patient

Listen to Your Patients – They’re Telling You the Diagnosis!

Danny Sands, MD, MPH - 4/4/2020 - 0

Individuals and their caregivers are the greatest untapped sources of information, knowledge, and motivation

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women's health holistic

Women’s Health: The Pressing Need to Think Holistically

Jessica Grossman, M.D. - 3/10/2020 - 4

Doctors working in the field of women’s health should be prepared to listen to all concerns presented by patients & take a holistic approach to their care.

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chronic illness self care doctor patient laughing

The Importance of Self-Care in Chronic Illness Management

Wayne Jonas, MD - 11/27/2019 - 0

A new survey shows us that patients have a strong desire for their physicians to be involved in helping them with chronic illness management self-care.

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multidisciplinary teams specialists

The Multidisciplinary Specialist Team: A New Model of Care

Andrew J. Gunn, M.D. - 9/13/2019 - 0

A new care model, the multidisciplinary specialist team, has the potential to improve patient care and allow physicians to grow personally and professionally.

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patient engagement

4 Ways You Can Improve Patient Engagement

David B. Troxel, MD and Robin Diamond, MSN, JD, RN - 9/9/2019 - 3

Patient engagement has emerged as a key component of reducing the likelihood of an adverse outcome – both clinical and medicolegal.

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Doctor and smiling engaged patient 1500 x 1000

Getting Your Doctor to Really See You

Michael Millenson - 11/5/2018 - 1

Is your doctor overwhelmed by patients and other clinical duties? Here are some things you, as a patient, can do get your doctor to truly engage with you as a person.

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Female doctor holding elderly person in plaid robe hand 1500 x 1000

A Spoonful of Empathy Helps the Medicine Go Down

Jeremy Howick Ph.D - 6/10/2018 - 2

A recent study confirmed that doctors who use positive language reduce patient pain by a similar amount to drugs. Other trials show that positive messages have numerous benefits, ranging from helping Parkinson’s patients move their hands faster to reducing how much pain medication patients use.

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