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woman checking text appointment reminder on phone

Text Appointment Reminders: Fewer No-Shows, Better Patient Engagement

Text appointment systems have many benefits for your practice and your patients, including fewer no-shows and late cancellations.
chronic condition management (putting puzzle pieces together)

The MedsEngine: Chronic Condition Management Takes a Leap

The MedsEngine is one of the first of the new digital tools that facilitates far more effective chronic condition management
dentist with smiling patient

Dentists: An Untapped Resource for Equitable COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

Why dentists should be an integral part of the COVID-19 vaccine distribution & administration: broad reach, trust, & they've done it before.
blue graphic of COVID for what healthcare will look like in a post-COVID-19 world

What Will Healthcare Look Like in a Post-COVID-19 World? (Part 1)

Notes from HLTH VRTL 2020: The future of healthcare post-COVID and anticipated impacts of changes on the care of autoimmune disease.
medical-nutrition-therapy-malabsorption (family dinner) family dinner table

New Medical Nutrition Therapy for Patients with Malabsorption

Encala is an effective medical nutrition therapy for malabsorption that provides high-calorie fats and facilitates absorption of dietary fats.
graphic with ECG remote patient monitoring

Update on Heart Rhythm Detection Devices for Remote Patient Monitoring

Advances in the detection of heart rhythms using medical-grade but consumer-facing remote patient monitoring - product reviews
pregnant woman with mask and hand sanitizer (family building)

The Frustrations of Family Building During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Family building via assisted reproduction or gestational surrogacy is complicated and requires planning. COVID-19 has made it more difficult.
non-technical skills-for surgeons

Non-Technical Skills for Surgeons Can Be Life Savers

Surgeons should hone their non-technical skills (communication, teamwork, leadership) as they are key elements of patient safety.
young woman anorexia eating disorders

Medical Management of Severe Eating Disorders

Severe eating disorders may be accompanied by life-threatening medical complications that require stabilization before psychiatric treatment.
Young male doctor thin white female anxiety

My Doctor Diagnosed Me With Thin White Female Syndrome

A medical student who developed anxiety related to major transitions in her life was diagnosed with Thin White Female Syndrome and given Ativan
poor vision senior falls eye exam

Poor Vision and Senior Falls: An Ophthalmologist’s Perspective

Aging is associated with increased risk of poor vision. It, in turn, increases risk for senior falls. Vigilance is needed to prevent both.
adults-affection-couple 1500 x 1000

Vasectomy: Why It’s a Better Choice for Men and Women

Vasectomies have benefits for both men and women. It's easier, safer, and less costly than tubal ligation.