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Why Strategic Planning is a Must for Medical Practices

Strategic planning, when treated as a work in progress rather than as a "binder on a shelf", can provide a medical practice with a real and lasting competitive advantage.



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My Life with Sacral Agenesis: Meltdown (Adobe Photos)

My Life with Sacral Agenesis: Meltdown

Sometimes, life with sacral agenesis can be too much even for Julie Hemker who has had more than 40 surgeries and many more complications. Sometimes, you need a meltdown.
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On Engaging Patients and Having the Patience to Make it Work

How can providers help patients become more engaged in their own care? It takes strategies and it takes patience.
Reboundwear: Celine PT Top

Reboundwear Easy On, Easy Off Post-Surgical Clothing [Review]

When Picot Edge reached out to us about their Reboundwear line of clothes designed to be attractive and convenient for people after surgery or during physical therapy, we were intrigued. Since my dear friend Joan Hall has been staying with us during her recovery from multiple surgeries related to breast cancer, she seemed like the perfect person to take the garments for a test ride. Here's her review.


Siren Smart Socks for People with Diabetes

Siren Care’s Smart Socks Detect Diabetic Foot Injuries

Made out of "smart textiles," Siren Care's Smart Socks are designed to detect diabetic foot injuries early to avoid progression of ulcers and amputations.
Geriatricians Can Help Aging Patients Navigate Multiple Ailments (Adobe)

Geriatricians Can Help Aging Patients Navigate Multiple Ailments

If you or your loved one is a senior with complex medical problems, consultation with a geriatrician can be life-changing.
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Hot off the Press: What’s New in Orthopedics?

Here are the headlines coming out of the annual meeting of the American Academy of Orthopedics being held in San Diego March 14-18, 2017.
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We Can Prevent Strokes in People with Atrial Fibrillation, But We’re Not

More than 80% of stroke patients with a history of atrial fibrillation did not receive medication to prevent a stroke.
A Nursing Error Led to My Son's Unexpected Death

A Nursing Error Led to My Son’s Unexpected Death

How the unmonitored use of patient-controlled analgesia and nursing errors led to the unexpected death of a mother's only child (and how it might have been prevented).
Getting to the Heart of Population Health (Adobe Stock)

Getting to the Heart of Population Health

It's time to abandon the notion that "personal responsibility" is the solution to every health problem so that the hard work of affecting cultural change can be taken up in earnest.
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Allergic to Your Home? 10 Decoration Swaps That Can Help

Allergy sufferers should choose all-natural fibers, scentless candles, and keep pillows covered to control household allergens. With a little due diligence, allergy sufferers can decorate their home while keeping the space allergen free.
8 Physician Employment Contract Items You Need to Know About (Adobe Stock)

8 Physician Employment Contract Items You Need to Know About

More and more physicians are signing employment contracts as opposed to opening up a practice. If you see any of these 8 concerning contract items when reviewing your contract, it is probably time to negotiate.
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The Best Way to Train and Prepare Doctors for the 21st Century

Medical education must include 3 key literacies will define the doctor of 2033: Network awareness, information control, and digital content creation.
6 Key Areas for Successful Physician Partnerships

6 Key Areas for Successful Physician Partnerships

Undertaking physician partnerships should not be rushed or taken lightly. They require much pre-planning, careful structuring, and a whole lot of continued communication in order for them to be successful.
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