3 Dimensions of Medical Practice Cohesion (Adobe Stock) 1688 × 1125

3 Dimensions of Medical Practice Cohesion

These 3 dimensions of cohesion will help to improve your workplace dynamic by fostering good teamwork, increasing productivity, and achieving greater success.




Jack Penner and Margaret Cary Workshop

How One Student Struggles to Become a Good Doctor

Margaret (Maggi) Cary and Jack Penner reconstruct how they have worked together to help Penner become the good doctor he wants to be.
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Why Maternal Mortality is Rising in the United States

Despite a 44% decline in global maternal mortality since 1990, the rate of women dying from complications during and after pregnancy or childbirth is rising in the U.S.
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What Do Patients Think About Team-Based Care?

It is popular to say that medical practices are delivering team-based care, but is it a team in name only? Patients will know the difference.


The Fatal Flaws in the Physician Burnout Survey Industry (Adobe Stock)

The Fatal Flaws in the Physician Burnout Survey Industry

The measurement of physician burnout is becoming more common, but the burnout survey industry is missing a critical point—surveys don't help burned-out docs get better.
A New Year's Resolution for Physicians: Empathize with the Obese (Adobe Stock)

A New Year’s Resolution for Physicians: Empathize with the Obese

A physician who has struggled with a life-long addiction to over-eating and obesity, asks other docs to join him in a resolution for the New Year: Empathize with the obese.
Why a "Autism-Vaccine Commission" is a Bad Idea (Adobe Stock) 1156 × 908

Why a “Autism-Vaccine Commission” is a Bad Idea

The Prevention Institute responds to the news that PEOTUS Trump may form a commission to investigate alleged links between vaccines and autism.
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Successful Physician Entrepreneurs Tap into the Power of Mornings

Tapping into the power of mornings, a time of day when there are fewer demands, is a key physician entrepreneurs use to increasing their productivity.
Substance Abuse & Mental Illness

Double Whammy: When Mental Illness and Substance Abuse Collide

Clinicians must recognize when mental illness and substance abuse occur together in order to offer more effective treatment.
Cranberry pills myth (Adobe Photos)

The Definitive Debunking of the Cranberry-UTI Myth

A paper by Lindsay E. Nicolle of the University of Manitoba provides a definitive rejection of the cranberry-UTI myth. Dov Michaeli explains why.
Why Do Doctors Make Diagnosis Errors? (ADOBE STOCK)

Why Do Doctors Make Diagnosis Errors?

Physicians fail to diagnose accurately for many reasons including biases and premature closure of the decision-making process.
Coaching in Medicine (Adobe Photos)

The Value of Coaching in Medicine

Physician coach Maggi Cary and medical student Jack Penner describe how coaching helps him to become the type person and future clinician he wants to be.
Medicare on Red Keyboard Button Enter on Black Computer Keyboard.

7 Facts to Know about MACRA

MACRA has been finalized and will affect all providers that care for at least 100 Medicare patients or bill more than $30,000 a year. Here are 7 facts to know about MACRA.
Uninsured Ex-Inmates Fall Prey to Mental Illness After Prison

Uninsured Ex-Inmates Fall Prey to Mental Illness After Prison

After getting out of prison, many inmates fail to be signed up for health insurance and are unable to get the medications they need. The result is often a return of symptoms and a trip back to jail.