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Successful Physician Entrepreneurs Tap into the Power of Mornings

Tapping into the power of mornings, a time of day when there are fewer demands, is a key physician entrepreneurs use to increasing their productivity.




Reboundwear: Celine PT Top

Reboundwear Easy On, Easy Off Post-Surgical Clothing [Review]

When Picot Edge reached out to us about their Reboundwear line of clothes designed to be attractive and convenient for people after surgery or during physical therapy, we were intrigued. Since my dear friend Joan Hall has been staying with us during her recovery from multiple surgeries related to breast cancer, she seemed like the perfect person to take the garments for a test ride. Here's her review.
idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

Mindfulness Can Be a Powerful Tool for People with IPF

Many people living with a chronic lung disease, like IPF, experience frustration and anxiety. A new resource is now available to help them incorporate mindfulness into their self-care.
My Life with Sacral Agenesis: Memories from my Childhood (Adobe Stock) 1440 × 954

My Life with Sacral Agenesis: Memories from my Childhood

Julie Hemker was born with sacral agenesis and, as a result, has had more medical care in her life than most everyone else. Despite that, she is optimistic and happy. In this essay, she recalls childhood memories of her life with sacral agenesis.


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Why Strategic Planning is a Must for Medical Practices

Strategic planning, when treated as a work in progress rather than as a "binder on a shelf", can provide a medical practice with a real and lasting competitive advantage.

Dementia in Children: Symptoms You Need to Be Aware Of

Dementia rarely occurs in children. But when it does, it is usually due to genetic disorders, injuries, certain illnesses, and toxins. Common symptoms are memory loss, problems with language, loss of intellectual skills, and personality changes.
Innovative Ablation Techniques Lead the Charge in AFib Treatment

Innovative Ablation Techniques Lead the Charge in AFib Treatment

Atrial fibrillation is a serious condition that can lead to stroke and heart failure. New ablation techniques are highly accurate and effective at curing this arrhythmia, allowing the heart to pump normally again.
Healthcare diversity (Adobe Stock)

Why It Shouldn’t Matter if Your Provider is Male or Female, Doctor or Nurse

If communication can foster a stronger relationship, make patients feel more comfortable seeing a doctor, and yield results that patients are satisfied with, does it really matter whether the provider is male or female, doctor or nurse?
Wrist Pain (Adobe Stock)

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome May Not Be the Cause of Your Wrist Pain

The good thing about carpal tunnel syndrome is that it can be easily treated when caught early enough. But when symptoms have drawn on for months and years, then the chances of full recovery is not assured. This is not a diagnosis to ignore.
Are More Smaller Emergency Departments Better than Fewer Big Ones? (Adobe Stock)

Are More Smaller Emergency Departments Better than Fewer Big Ones?

Hospital-Satellite Emergency Departments offer a more distributed solution to overcrowding compared with simply building bigger and bigger hospital-based EDs.
Patient in the doctor's office receiving bad news she is desperate and crying with head in hands

What Do Patients Really Want?

Patients certainly want quality care, but they also want hospitality. We don't know how healthcare reform will shake out, but we do know that putting patients first is the best strategy.
Tom Price photo (955 x 500)

HHS Nominee Needs a Refresher Course on the Basics of Cancer Screening

HHS nominee and physician, Tom Price, signed a letter sent to prior HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, making it clear he doesn't understand the basics of cancer epidemiology. Kenny Lin, MD thinks he might need a refresher course.
My Life with Sacral Agenesis: Meltdown (Adobe Photos)

My Life with Sacral Agenesis: Meltdown

Sometimes, life with sacral agenesis can be too much even for Julie Hemker who has had more than 40 surgeries and many more complications. Sometimes, you need a meltdown.
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What You Need to Know About Diabetic Alert Dogs

Diabetes alert dogs detect odors that reflect hypoglycemic and alert their owners. Because they are in high demand, it can be hard to find a properly trained dog and they can be expensive.