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David B. Troxel, MD
David B. Troxel, MD, is secretary of the Board of Governors and medical director of The Doctors Company. Dr. Troxel is clinical professor emeritus, School of Public Health at the University of California at Berkeley. He is past president of the American Board of Pathology and the California Society of Pathologists. He serves as chairman of The Doctors Company Foundation and as a member of the Patient Safety and Technology Committees at The Doctors Company.
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Cosmetic Surgery Patient’s Leaked Identity Leads to Malpractice Claim

A closed claim by a cosmetic surgery patient whose photo showed up in search results highlights the dangers of working with unfamiliar digital technology.
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Malpractice Claims Study is Helping Plastic Surgeons Get Better

A recent closed claim study by a malpractice carrier helps plastic surgeons make changes that will improve patient safety and clinical outcomes.
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How to Deliver Better Care for Obese Patients

Healthcare providers & facilities face risks if they are not prepared to accommodate obese patients, but there are ways to improve the patient's experience & mitigate risk.
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How to Make Hospital Medicine Safer and Avoid Lawsuits

To reduce risks for hospitalized patients, we need to understand where patients are vulnerable, what systems can fail, and whether there are areas where physicians have knowledge deficits.
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These 9 EHR Failures Got Doctors Sued

The Doctors Company analyzed closed claims to determine the relationship between EHRs and medical liability.