depression video

Partnering with TED-Ed on the animated short-film, “What is depression?” has allowed this once stigmatized and daunting concept to be better understood.
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Exercise before breakfast when there are low levels of insulin & blood sugar and facilitated mobilization is better for your weight.
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Physician and neuroscientist, Kyra Bobinet, has written a wonderful book, Well Designed Life, that provides a roadmap for using design thinking to get the life you really want to live.
Elderly woman using tablet (Photo credit: Dreamstime)

Diane Evans says what we really need is meaningful use of all types of online communication involving patient health records.
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Clinical studies have shown that every patient population can benefit when mobile mental health meets telepsychiatry services.
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We providers know better than anyone the true lack of meaningful “Patient Engagement” in today’s society.
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Physician leaders are one of the keys to improved health, affordability & system transformation as healthcare shifts from FFS to value-based payments.
Al Lewis on Jeopardy!

Al Lewis' new company, Quizzify, aims to improve employees health literacy via fun, but educational Q&As that can be tied to rewards to keep them engaged.
Manual breast pump and mother feeding at background, mothers breast milk is the most healthy food for newborn baby

Breastfeeding and human milk ensure the optimal development of infants.
Serial killer headshots

Ever wondered what the brain of a serial killer is like - this infographic sums it up.
Florida Gov. Rick Scott (photo via Wikimedia)

A CNN investigation asserts that Gov Rick Scott’s administration scuttled hospital quality standards after two Republican political groups received large contributions from Tenet.
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Although care driven by healthcare analytics can be beneficial, our IT infrastructure, EHRs in particular, are not fully ready to support this transition