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This is the concluding article in my series on respiratory dysfunction in post-surgical patients.
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We share a fascinating mechanism with all living creatures, known as the circadian (about the day) rhythm or biologic clock.
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More and better technology is not a substitute for adequate mental health care funding and coordinated planning
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The move to single-use dialyzers is but one example of how improvements in technology can help improve patient outcomes Uremia, a build-up of fluid, electrolyte, and...
PD1-PD-L1 (from Genentech)

Until recently, a diagnosis of cancer meant surgery to cut out what could be cut out and chemotherapy to kill whatever was left. Both...
Flow Health Feature Sharing

Flow Health's goal is that consumers never have to answer the same question twice.
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The new paradigm for treatment of early stage breast cancer is based on the biologic type of cancer, rather than what stage it is.
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Facial recognition has many survival advantages, helping us form social bonds with like-minded individuals & avoid harm when threat is imminent.
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When it comes to gun control, argue whatever position you want, but be careful when discussing the Founders' views.
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Two digital tools to help manage gastrointestinal health are the MyGIHealth app for clinicians and the MyNutritionHealth app for patients.
OpenNotes (from their website)

The success of these early experiments with OpenNotes has spawned a movement to enable patients to easily read notes written about their care, and to bring more transparency to medical records.
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When doctors are on hospital's boards, measures of profitability, quality assurance & social performance are higher compared to other similar institutions.
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A large study showed that antioxidant supplements not only failed to benefit patients, but was associated with a significant increase in cancer.