Top 8 Apps to Keep Your Family Safe and Healthy

By Jennifer Landis | Published 1/26/2018 1

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It seems we are continually amazed at how much technology has evolved. There are smart cars, televisions, phones, thermostats, and even chalkboards. These devices are getting so smart they might take over our jobs and responsibilities one day. It’s mind-blowing to imagine where we might be five or 10 years from now.

Few advancements come without unanticipated consequences. A rise in technology has brought an assault on our privacy. It’s also way too easy to embarrass ourselves with one text, post, or tweet. It used to be you could say something stupid and your friends might pretend they forgot about it the next day. Now, it’s a permanent record.

These technology advances, although intrusive, can also bring us good and healthy things we never imagined. Our homes can be monitored and controlled via smartphone. We can monitor the whereabouts of our children over GPS—no more screaming for your child all over the neighborhood.

We can contact the police and fire department without needing a landline. Technology has brought advances in healthcare and the way we approach surgical intervention and treatment. It’s affected the way we do most everything.

Consider some of these apps as a way to help you keep your family safer and healthier.

1. Apple’s health app

Apple Health AppApple has given us an application on our iPhones that can help us achieve better health. You still have to do the work yourself, but Apple allows us to document all our health issues and have them available at a glance.

The app offers healthier lifestyle tips based on the information you provide. You can keep track of how many steps you have taken, or how long you have run or walked. You can create an emergency card and healthcare data that you can provide to your doctors, nutritionists or athletic trainers.


2. Estate Assist

Estate AssistYou can secure all your important personal and financial documents digitally on Estate Assist. You can easily access and update your information remotely, and you never have to worry about disasters, such as fires and floods, destroying your information. You can also store passwords, login credentials, and be confident they are safe with Estate Assist’s $1 million protection guarantee.


3. SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe devices

SimpliSafe is a wireless, online security system for your home that you can monitor and control from your smartphone or computer. See what’s going on at home from anywhere at any time. You can even add sensors to doors or cabinets, which will alert you if they have been opened. Catch your kid stealing cookies from the cookie jar when you are at work.


4. Cell Control

Cell ControlYou can tell your teenage driver not to text or use their phone while driving, but once they leave, there isn’t anything you can do about it. With Cell Control, you disable all or part of their smartphone so they don’t have the choice to text while driving, talk on the phone, or take and post selfies on social media while behind the wheel.

911 emergency calling is always active, and you can set it so your number or others you choose can reach your teenage driver. It’s an innovative way to steer clear of peer pressure or poor judgment while driving.


5. Medical Guardian

Medical GuardianMonitor your senior loved ones remotely with Medical Guardian and Family Guardian apps. Set up personalized options that best suit their needs, habits, and behaviors.

The Activity Sensors and Main Door Contact Sensor allow you real-time video monitoring from multiple mobile devices. This way, several family members can check up on their loved one. In-home sensors collect data that is sent to caregivers and family members and is summarized for easy analysis by healthcare professionals.

Visible and accessible help buttons allow the resident to contact specially trained agents who will put them in contact with their doctors or caregiver. In the event of a fall, sensors will alert 911.


6. Mobicip

MobicipThe internet is the Wild, Wild West. You can access pretty much any information, video, or picture you want to see. That means your kids can, too, and it’s frightening to imagine what they will view when you aren’t monitoring them. Curiosity is natural and understandable, but as parents, it is our duty to keep them out of trouble as much as we possibly can.

Mobicip allows us to monitor our children’s internet and app usage on any device we own. You can set up filters, website restrictions, and time limits. Your children’s browsing history is always available so you can make needed modifications to the settings and restrictions. They can enjoy the internet, and you can enjoy some peace of mind.


7. Nucleus

NucleusKeep your elderly loved one safer with Nucleus, an online home intercom system that allows them to communicate with you with a simple push of the button. The elderly aren’t usually as tech-savvy as our youth, so its simple operation will make them more likely to use it. Whether they are in their own home or at a care facility, they can communicate directly with you at any time.


8. Whistle

WhistleEven your pets can benefit from new technology. Whistle is a GPS tracking device for your pets. If your dog or cat runs off or somehow gets separated from you, all you have to do is log in, and you will locate your furry friend immediately. You still might need a treat to make them come to you.

Technology has permeated every aspect of our lives. While we might be annoyed with a bad photo of us being posted on Facebook without our permission or a text waking us up in the middle of the night, generally, we have benefited greatly from technological advances. Embrace technology and peruse the many apps that are designed to make us and our families happier and healthier.

Jennifer Landis


Jennifer Landis, writer and founder of Mindfulness Mama, has been writing for the last decade and holds a BA in journalism. She is an avid goal setter and achiever.

Jennifer’s proudest accomplishments include two all-natural births, running a marathon, successfully making a croquembouche, and running two half marathons.

In addition to The Doctor Weighs In, her writing has appeared in VeryWell Family, Fortune, Scary Mommy, The Huffington Post, and Women’s Running. Tweet her your favorite health tips @JenniferELandis.


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