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The Impact of Pro-Competition on Small Providers When Healthcare is Booming

US healthcare is booming. In 2017, healthcare overtook both retail and manufacture as the nation’s foremost employer– not just of physicians and nursing staff, but of administrators, custodial staff, and office workers. This boom has...
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A-List Offers Patient and Caregiver Insights into Dementia   

Data from the A-List, an online community of people & caregivers living with dementia, is being used to shape many aspects of care including drug development.
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How to Reduce Medication Errors by 82%

A hospital pharmacist describes how his hospital was able to reduce medication errors by 82% by following these five recommendations.
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Look to Your Customers to Tell The Care Experience Story

A positive care experience from the patient’s perspective requires more than achieving the desired outcome, today’s healthcare consumer also expects ease.
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Untreatable Gonorrhea Strain Has Health Officials Alarmed

When a bacterial strain becomes so advanced that it can resist most or all available antibiotics, doctors & public health officials get nervous & we should too.

Do You Know the Vision of Your Private Practice?

When you focus on the vision of your private practice, the smaller things that fill your day, like administrative hassles, won’t take over your life.
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Is This New Alzheimer’s Drug Really a Breakthrough?

Biogen's Alzheimer's disease drug, BAN 2401, recently showed promising results but there are outstanding questions about the study design & statistical analysis.
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Reducing the Risk of Surgery One Patient at a Time

The Ready Surgery AI-Enhanced Risk Intelligence Platform was created by a digital health entrepreneur after her aunt's unexpected death from a surgical procedure.
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Periodontitis is Not Just a Disease of the Mouth

A new understanding of the oral microbiome is shedding light on the relationship between oral health & systemic disorders (e.g. cancer, heart & lung disease).
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The Why and How of Diagnostic Errors

Approximately 18 million diagnostic errors occur every year and nearly every person will experience one in their lifetime, making diagnostic errors an understated medical crisis
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How Your Dentist Can Help with Sleep Apnea

Snoring & sleep apnea are so common that the American Academy of Sleep Medicine estimates ~40% of men, 24% of women & between 10%-12% of children experience it. Although you must see a doctor to get a definitive diagnosis, if oral health is to blame, your dentist may be able to help with treatment.
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Is Cancer A Moral Failing? What About Addiction?

Unlike cancer, the disease of addiction carries with it massive stigma because we fail to apply known research & properly categorize addiction as a chronic brain disease.

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