Zipnosis: Minute Clinic on Your Mobile Device

Jon Pearce, CEO of Zipnosis, one of 12 finalist in the 2014 Triple Tree iAwards at WLSA’s Convergence Summit, describes his company’s innovative approach to providing care for simple medical conditions for $25.


How It Works

You wake up with a sore throat, but don’t want to take the time to go to your doctor or an urgent care clinic. Instead, you log onto Zipnosis and pick from the list of primarily self-limited conditions that are safe to treat based on history alone. You complete a 5 minute interview online, answering questions that Jon says are “the same ones a physician would ask.” The interview is powered by algorithms developed in-house that are based on clinical guidelines. The information is sent to a local physician, who may be using his down time in clinic, to review it and make a diagnosis If indicated, prescription is sent, via SureScripts to a pharmacy that is convenient to you.

Zipnosis clinical conditions list
List of clinical conditions Zipnosis treats

Zipnosis eliminates many of the annoyances associated with getting care from traditional providers (making a phone appointment, driving, parking, waiting in the waiting room with sick people all around you, getting undressed, waiting in the exam room until the doc shows up, getting your 5 minute-in-person interview while the doc is typing into his computer, getting the script, taking it to a pharmacy, waiting in the pharmacy for it to be filled, and driving home). As Jon says, [and I loved this], “Zipnosis fits into the slipstream of your life.” Something our traditional approach never did.

When I asked about follow-up, Jon said that every patient is given discharge instructions and each one of them is followed up on to ensure there were no problems. He says that they have treated 35,000 patients so far (all in Minnesota where they are headquartered) and have not had any adverse events yet. I am not surprised as many of the conditions on their list are those that our grandmothers used to treat.

According to their website, Zipnosis is looking for partnership with provider groups who can make available their “marginal clinical capacity.” They are also interested in working with employers – and that makes sense as it benefits everyone to have these simple conditions treated conveniently and inexpensively.


Watch the Video

Here’s the video interview filmed at WLSA. Despite competing with obnoxious background music that appeared unexpectedly for this last interview of the day, Jon is able to tell his story and describe how Zipnosis provides a digital pipeline between patients and providers. Enjoy!




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