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I attended HealthXL‘s Conference at Stanford University on September 17-19, 2014 and had a chance to catch up with Sven Junkergård, the CTO for Zephyr Health, an innovative healthcare big data company that is able to combine disparate data sets. Sven explains that in Healthcare and Life Sciences, we have a ton of data that just doesn’t fit well together. But, if it could be combined, it would yield new insights that can be used to solve big challenges and complex problems. Zephyr’s platform bridges the gap between disparate data sets and allows them to be combined so that the data can be much more easily analyzed.


No Data Structure Required

The good news for Zephyr’s customers is that there is no single data format required in order to be inputted into the platform. The data can be structured, semi-structured, or even unstructured and still be “ingested.”   zephyr platform diagram Zephyr tends to work with data in three categories: data from customers (e.g. CRM data, lists of people who attended a conference, information about hospitals or physicians), data from vendors (e.g. prescription data purchased from a big data vendor all the way down to data from a consultant you worked with six months ago), and data from public domain sources (e.g. research results from PubMed or even lists of docs who served on a guideline committee sponsored by an individual medical association). For any given problem, there could be anywhere from as few as 10 data sources up to 1000 data sources to merge. Based on their website, here’s a sampling of what Zephyr’s platform can do:

  • Medical Affairs – Engage most effectively with the scientific community, through established and emerging thought leaders. Gain a new view on even the most well-known therapeutic areas
  • Sales & Marketing – Look at your data through a new lens to help you plan your day. Turn your salespeople into analytic superheroes
  • Managed Care – Pinpoint who is influencing your payers from all angles. Focus your efforts by simplifying complex payer hierarchies
  • Clinical Development – Easily slice and dice your clinical data across multiple trials to learn new insights. Get smart about site selection, shaving precious time from your clinical development

Sven says, “We are all about combining the data.  And, when the data is together you can use it for many different purposes. Our big main objective is to shine a broad light across lots of different data so you get a much clearer picture across the board.”


The Benefits of Attending HealthXL

Sven also describes what he gained from spending 3 intense days at the HealthXL conference, meeting with Strategics (very large, often multinational companies) and discussing, outside of the usual constrained sales conversations, how they could work together to solve big problems and challenges over time. Headquartered in Dublin, but functioning as a global matchmaker of young companies and Strategics, HealthXL provides an way that small young companies and big “old” companies can forge new ways of working together.


Watch the Video

Watch the video to learn how Zephyr is able to combine data sets that, prior to the development of their technology could not be analyzed together. This innovation makes it possible for their customers to gain insights not previously possible.



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