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The New Treatment Paradigm for Early Stage Breast Cancer

The new paradigm for treatment of early stage breast cancer is based on the biologic type of cancer, rather than what stage it is.
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How Women in Medicine View Leadership

Have we come a long way, baby? When it comes to women in medicine, the answer is yes, no, and maybe.
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Emergency Contraception – An Update

For women who got pregnant because, for whatever reason, they could not consistently take birth control pills as prescribed, the copper IUD may well be the emergency contraception of choice because it prevents further unintended pregnancies.
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The Problem of Dense Breasts

Forty-three percent of women ages 40-74 have mammographically dense breasts making it difficult, if not impossible in some cases, to detect cancer on routine mammogram screening.
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Cyrcadia Health: A Wearable, Social Breast Cancer Screening Bra

Cyrcadia has developed a complex sensing grid that can sense temperature changes in throughout the tissues of both breasts. And there's an app to make monthly screening social....really?

Women in Healthcare and Leadership: The XX in Health Retreat

The 5th XX in Health Retreat in Sausalito, California, featured women leaders from across the industry sharing their personal stories about leadership.
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Can Mandated Benefits Violate Corporate Religious Freedom?

Pat Salber explores the issues surrounding mandated contraception coverage and the claim that it violates a corporation's religious freedom.

We Care Solar’s Laura Stachel MD is a CNN Hero

Dr. Laura Stachel witnessed the tragic impact lack of power has on health outcomes in the developing world. Her company, We Care Solar, now delivers solar energy in a suitcase
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Breast Cancer and the Angelina Jolie Effect

There is nothing like a celebrity to call attention to a preventable disease, especially if that disease is cancer. In March 2000, then-Today Show host Katie Couric, whose husband Jay Monahan died of colorectal...
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From Orthopedic Surgeon to Designer Shoes-The Story of Taryn Rose

Taryn Rose's story is a journey from her early childhood in war-torn Vietnam to a top designer shoe entrepreneur via a detour through Medical School
Freedom Caucus & ACHA

Republican Party: Adapt or Clear Out

Social science has generated massive evidence that successful social movements accommodated change within them and the ones that resisted change became extinct.

Raising a Twin with Sacral Agenesis: A New State of Normal

Julie's mom Charlotte writes about her early years raising her daughter born with sacral agenesis and destined to have more than 40 surgeries by age 40,

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