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Cutting-edge stories about innovations in women’s health. Women’s Health editor, Anna Villarreal, can be contacted at [email protected].

Polycystic-ovary-syndrome woman doctor with woman patient

Understanding Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

David Adamson, M.D. - 3/1/2020 - 0

Polycystic ovary syndrome is common but unfortunately, it often goes undiagnosed. Understanding PCOS and its consequences are essential to improving care.

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Woman choosing shampoo in store (really-need-shampoo)

Do You Really Need to Wash Your Hair with Shampoo?

Fayne Frey, MD - 2/18/2020 - 4

There’s no good evidence that using shampoo has any health benefits or risks. However, shampoos have made it easier to get pleasing cosmetic outcomes.

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regulation of cosmetics young women facials

Dispelling Misconceptions About the Regulation of Cosmetics in the U.S.

Fayne Frey, MD - 12/1/2019 - 3

The FDA does not approve cosmetics in the same way that it approves drugs. However, it does regulate many aspects of production, packaging, & distribution.

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Antioxidants and Free Radicals: Hope or Hype?

Fayne Frey, MD - 10/14/2019 - 0

The results of studies examining the impact of antioxidants and free radicals on health are mixed showing benefits and harm for both.

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Dandruff: What Is It and Can It Be Cured?

Fayne Frey, MD - 9/16/2019 - 0

Dandruff is common and often embarrassing. It is usually treated with a dandruff shampoo but if it doesn’t get better, be sure to consult a dermatologist.

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One Couple’s Journey on the Bumpy Road of Infertility

Christine Kahan and Aaron Kahan - 7/25/2019 - 1

Christine Kahan describes the emotional, physical, and financial cost of her and her husband Aaron’s infertility journey—destination IVF.

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41 Advances in the Infertility Field In 41 Years

Barry R. Witt, M.D. - 7/25/2019 - 0

In the 41 years since Louise Brown, the first test-tube baby was born there have been many advances in the infertility field. Here are 41 of them.

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