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Cutting-edge stories about innovations in women’s health. Women’s Health editor, Anna Villarreal, can be contacted at [email protected].

Dress form on black background showing right breast size

How Do You Know if You Have the Right Breast Size?

Pankaj Tiwari M.D. - 4/14/2020 - 15

Breasts are a distinctive symbol of femininity. Some say bigger is better but it’s not always true. What’s the right breast size for you?

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Dermatologist examining skin lesion 1500 x 1000

Three Rare Skin Cancers You Should Know About

Fayne Frey, MD - 4/12/2020 - 0

These rare skin cancers are important to know about because they may be mistaken for other more benign conditions delaying their diagnosis. 

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The Challenge of Fitness Training in the Age of COVID-19

Rebecca G. Breslow, M.D. - 4/12/2020 - 10

Navigating proper precautions for COVID-19, including social distancing, while maintaining fitness training can be daunting – here are some tips.

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Can Journaling Improve Your Mental Health?

Serena Dorf - 4/11/2020 - 1

Journaling can help you alleviate mental health issues like anxiety and stress, improve your cognitive and emotional power, and explore your full potential.

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What to Do If Your Hands Are a Mess From Washing Them So Much!

Fayne Frey, MD - 3/12/2020 - 3

Proper handwashing is an essential step to protect yourself from infectious agents, such as coronavirus. It can, however, lead to dry skin and hand eczema.

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women's health holistic

Women’s Health: The Pressing Need to Think Holistically

Jessica Grossman, M.D. - 3/10/2020 - 4

Doctors working in the field of women’s health should be prepared to listen to all concerns presented by patients & take a holistic approach to their care.

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IVF or IUI: Which is the Right Fertility Procedure for You?

David Adamson, M.D. - 3/7/2020 - 2

IVF is much more successful than intrauterine insemination, another commonly used fertility procedure. Unlike IUI, it can help treat almost any type of infertility problem.

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