Bad things happen in life. Sometimes, it’s only one thing. Other times, it’s a torrential downpour that doesn’t seem to let up. Either way, you must keep going. It’s important to take time to grieve, recuperate, and do whatever you need to do to accept whatever situation you must face.

There is something that can help you in whatever bad situation you find yourself in. There are right ways to talk to yourself within these situations. You can’t control what happens to you, but you can control how you respond to it.

Positive thinking and positive self-talk are amazing tools. Maybe you’ve wanted to try it but don’t believe it works. Or maybe you simply don’t think it’s real. The choice is up to you but one thing is certain: Positivity and the power of positive thinking are real. Positivity is the best medicine. And here’s why.


Positivity is a loop

Your brain works in amazing and complex ways. There are trillions and trillions of neurons and synapses working in tandem to create the reality you see before you. Within these firing synapses and cells are thoughts.

Your thoughts are part of a loop that affects everything you do. Your thoughts affect your emotions. When you think of something negative, you become angry or frustrated. Your actions begin to become affected. You think about the bad day at work, and then you’re irritable. When you become irritable, you won’t be yourself. Essentially, your emotions affect your actions.

Once your actions are affected, you will believe your life has changed negatively. Maybe you will believe life sucks and there’s nothing you can do about it. You will generate more negative thoughts about the future and your current situation. See the problem here? It’s an endless loop that never ends well.

Positive thinking can help curb a negative outlook. If you think positively, your thoughts become positive. Positive thoughts channel into positive emotions, which help motivate you and regain a sense of normalcy. Positive emotions lead to positive actions, such as coping with your situation and trying to make the best of it. Positivity works.


Positivity can improve your physical health

Positive thinking occurs in the mind, but that doesn’t mean the results only take place in the mind. Positivity, including positive thinking, can help your body as well as your mind. But how?

Take, for example, stress. It’s something that can’t be eliminated. You have to learn to live with stress and use it to your advantage. There are certain types of stress that aren’t good for you and can’t be utilized positively. It can cause your muscles to bulge up and knots to form in your back. It causes tension headaches and can even affect your immune system.

Positivity can help you reduce negative stress, which in turn helps your body. Much like the thought loop, positive thinking helps you gain confidence, which leads to relaxation because you’re not worried when you’re confident. Relaxation leads to a sound and healthy body.

Not only can positive thinking help with your muscles and immune system, but it can also help you sleep better at night. One of the key points of positivity is to be grateful. If you feel grateful, you sleep better.


Positivity is free

Most medicines cost money. Do you really want to spend your hard-earned money on medicine to cure something that you could have cured for free? Some health conditions require medication and some don’t. Yes, life is going to get stressful from time to time. It’s going to get hectic. You may not always be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But if you truly stop and look around, you may realize that your way of thinking has been skewed.

When life gets hard to handle, stop and take a breath. Take a look around and slow down. Life does not happen 15 days at a time. It happens one day at a time—a concept many people tend to forget. If life’s negative stresses start to get the best of you, take some deep breaths and soak up the moment you’re experiencing.

Positivity is a great tool to use in your everyday life. While life is unpredictable and often unstable, your reaction to it doesn’t have to be. Try to see the positive side of your situation. It can lead to a happier and healthier life for both your body and mind.


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