Donald Trump closeup
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About 6 months ago, I published an article trying to decipher what could explain the stubborn adherence of females to Donald Trump in the face of his misogynistic attitudes toward women and his disdain of disabled, Latinos, Muslims, blacks, and LGBT (are there any groups left?). As with many of my articles, I expected to be attacked by the extremes, either from the left or the right, depending whose ox is getting gored. Since then, a lot of insults, breaking new records of crudeness, came at us from the Donald fans, which reinforces my original question:

“How could Donald Trump say all these outrageous things and get away with it unscathed?”

The most recent snap polls (on Sunday, Oct. 9, 2016), two days after the Hollywood Access tapes exploded onto the political scene, reveal no significant change in the rank and file Republican support, despite the “establishment” GOP running for the hills, which confirms my original thesis—our brains are hard-wired to resist change. If Trump’s message of fear, doom, and gloom and resentment toward the “other” resonates with one’s predilection, then it would be very hard to change his/her mind. In behavioral science, this phenomenon is well-known and goes by the name of confirmation bias.

As I expected, the political right rose in indignation. Unfortunately, they had to resort to ad-hominem, but none of their objections offered substantive alternatives to the main thrust of the article: People’s resistance to change. Here are some examples.

This is from Steve Wilkins:

“…Speaking of boorish behavior…Dov should look to his own tendency to label people who don’t share his opinion much in the same way too many on the left do these days. I assume he earns more than most in this country, drives a better car than most, and lives in a nice home—clearly, his income should rightly be redistributed among those less affluent. On top of that, he is a white male. That in itself probably would earn him jail time if he were a Republican.”

And this is from Ellie (BTW, the only woman commenting in defense of Mr. Trump)

“Thank you, Steve! It’s obvious that Dov is far left –

Professor – San Francisco – one-sided thinking…”


And this from Dave:

“Jews like Dov are getting spooked now that we have a candidate who’s obviously more dedicated to the U.S. than Israel as compared to so many presidential candidates in the past. This is why they’re writing this sort of garbage trying to malign Trump and his supporters.

Go Trump!

Screw Israel and its dual citizen traitors!”


Enough said.


Here is the original article in its entirety:

“You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever.” Thus, the Donald referring to Megyn Kelly, the Fox News anchor, who dared to ask him about his misogynistic remarks about women. I could almost write it off to a testosterone-addled brain of an adolescent suffering from arrested development. But going after Gail Collins, my favorite NYT columnist, who dared to doubt his claims to being a multi-billionaire, (she called him a “thousandaire” and he, in typical retaliation, accused her of having a dog’s face), I began to wonder, “How could women support this boor?

Of course, there is a certain kind of woman who gravitates toward abusive men. But what about the highly educated women who troop before the TV cameras to support him and excuse his behavior as an irrelevancy? Most are highly paid “consultants” and “strategists” (probably, the second most ancient profession). But if you watch these independent, educated, assertive women closely, you can’t miss their discomfort with the subject. Cognitive dissonance in bold relief.

And, what about the rest of his adoring crowds? They were not sent by anybody to attend his rallies, nor were they paid to go in front of the TV cameras to defend the indefensible. Are they blind to facts in plain view? Can anybody drum some sense into their minds? For an answer, we turn to the workings of the mind. Stick with me to the end, and you will learn why Trump supporters will continue to support him despite recent revelations about his 40 years of bad behavior.


How do we make decisions?

When a lizard spots a raptor swooping down on him, he reacts with astonishing speed. If he didn’t, he would be lunch. What goes on in his brain is common to all animals. The eyes send a message to the amygdala, the alarm center in the brain, which in turn sends urgent messages to all the appropriate muscles: Run for your life! There’s no deep analysis of the raptor’s trajectory—no hesitation about the raptor’s intention—there simply is no time for that, nor is there any need. Over the eons of Natural Selection, the cost/benefit analysis has already been made, and the verdict is “Avoid risk at all cost!”

Enter modern Homo sapiens—about 200,000 years ago. Quite rapidly, we developed an additional layer of neurons on top of the evolutionarily ancient brain we inherited. This layer, the neocortex, includes neural centers that allow us to collect observations, analyze them, and make rational decisions.

Almost all the archaic centers, including the amygdala, or alarm center, were preserved over the millennia so that we ended up with two systems: The archaic one that is risk-averse to the extreme and can respond super-fast to any perceived threat, and the other more modern cortex that is analytical and rational, but also more ponderous. A corollary to that is that once our brain forms a narrative that explains the world, it will resist change since change entails increased risk.

Now imagine our ancestors roaming the African Savannah. They most likely viewed the world as a pretty menacing place. There were predators and rival bands seeking to kill them, and it was full of awesome natural forces beyond their comprehension and control. Is there any wonder that the default mode, as dictated by natural selection, is to be suspicious, to resist change? Resistance to change is part of our “lizard era” heritage.

In the modern world, we learned to make use of our neocortex in developing rational thinking. But, analytical thinking is still slow and cumbersome. It is much easier to rely on gut reactions informed subconsciously by first impressions and stored memories.

All these factors combined conspire to make our brain “lazy”, defaulting to the easily accessible neural circuits that already store information to make snap decisions rather than resort to the analytical but slower and more demanding modality.


Is changing minds an exercise in futility?

Of course not. We all have “second thoughts”. An article in Scientific American Mind highlights the work of Michael Shadlen, a neurobiologist at Columbia University. He found that people often make decisions before they have fully processed information. But after their brains play catch-up, they occasionally do change their minds. The brain must make a trade-off between accuracy and speed.

Shadlen and a team of researchers reported this trade-off recently in eLife. The team asked participants to indicate the overall direction of dots that were actually moving randomly on a screen. They encouraged subjects to act quickly but not at the expense of accuracy.

They found that, occasionally, the participants changed their minds about how confident they were about a decision after they had made it. It was as if they had continued to think about it. This was despite the participants receiving no more information about the task or how well they had done once they had made their decision. Therefore, it appears that the brain processed additional information that had already been detected but did not have time to affect the initial choice. Shadlen said,

“The same principle would probably apply to more complicated decisions like politics, provided you keep your mind open.”


We have met the enemy, and it is us

Back to our original question, “How could Donald Trump say all these outrageous things and get away with it unscathed?” The answer probably lies in the brain’s initial resistance to change, even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Once you fall in love with this reality TV personality who gave voice to your own suspicions, fears, and resentments that have shaped your narrative of the world, you are not going to easily change your mind about him. Doing that may mean changing your mind about yourself and your beliefs.

But as we know from life experience, and as Shadlen’s research demonstrates empirically, not all is lost. Who among us wasn’t infatuated with a jock, or a glamorous gal, and wake up one morning to realize that the guy or gal is an idiot? People do change their minds, it just takes time (and an open mind to begin with).

Dov Michaeli, MD, PhD
Dov Michaeli, MD, PhD loves to write about the brain and human behavior as well as translate complicated basic science concepts into entertainment for the rest of us. He was a professor at the University of California San Francisco before leaving to enter the world of biotech. He served as the Chief Medical Officer of biotech companies, including Aphton Corporation. He also founded and served as the CEO of Madah Medica, an early stage biotech company developing products to improve post-surgical pain control. He is now retired and enjoys working out, following the stock market, travelling the world, and, of course, writing for TDWI.


  1. Donald Trump did not raise his children, Ivanna raised her 3, Marla Maples her daughter and Melania is raising their son. The adult children have all given interviews stating just that. They didn’t start spending any measurable time with their father until they were each eighteen – college age. He didn’t have the patience until then. It is obvious by their conduct around him that they love him and sincerely seek to please him, but he did not raise them.

    The Clintons raised Chelsea from birth. Both of them. She is a beautiful example of a well-loved person. She is extremely intelligent, empathetic, kind and successful. She is a wonderful wife and exemplary mother. She loves her parents unconditionally and they love her unconditionally. She is very confident in her relationship with her parents. They are all adults and they all respect each other, just as a normal American family. There is no need for her to “perform” for her parents approval. She’s had their support and approval all her life and is very secure in their love. This love allows her to care for others deeply and remain confident in her own purpose in life. She is not expected to be an extension of either parent, as are the Trump children. She is her own person with her own family and would not be expected, or be so insecure, that she would uproot her family and follow a parent to the White House, or be expected to take over a large corporation that her parent would selfishly hold onto to the detriment of the country and eventually their family. She is the ultimate paradigm of the Trump children. I respect the Clintons for their service to our country and for the wonderful example they are as an American family.

    • trumpski pays for their love.

      Lets see how they respond to the same treatment from an impoverished father who offers no money for love.

  2. It’s very simple – the vote was for a conservative Supreme Court justice and to stop the assault on Christians. A major change was needed.
    It did not matter who’s name was on the republican ticket nor what they did, as long as Hillary did not get in office. That’s it – not a lot of thought had to go into it.

    • christians have the same agenda that the terrorists have…namely a theocracy with their name on it

      More example of the maturity of our adult voting population

  3. I only read part of this article and I’m not sure if I was reading an excerpt from Helter-Skelter or something akin. It sounds like you have a few dealings where you receivex the short end of the stick and as a result have a hatred for most of us. I suggest you sit down and count your blessings, if you know what they are.

  4. A Country Founded by Geniuses but Run by Idiots!

    If you can get arrested for hunting or fishing without a license, but not for entering and remaining in the country illegally — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you have to get your parents’ permission to go on a field trip or to take an aspirin in school, but not to get an abortion — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you MUST show your identification to board an airplane, cash a check, buy liquor, or check out a library book and rent a video, but not to vote for who runs the government — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If the government wants to prevent stable, law-abiding citizens from owning gun magazines that hold more than ten rounds, but gives twenty F-16 fighter jets to the crazy new leaders in Egypt — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If, in the nation’s largest city, you can buy two 16-ounce sodas, but not one 24-ounce soda, because 24-ounces of a sugary drink might make you fat — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If an 80-year-old woman or a three-year-old girl who is confined to a wheelchair can be strip-searched by the TSA at the airport, but a woman in a burka or a hijab is only subject to having her neck and head searched — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If your government believes that the best way to eradicate trillions of dollars of debt is to spend trillions more — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If a seven-year-old boy can be thrown out of school for saying his teacher is “cute,” but hosting a sexual exploration or diversity class in grade school is perfectly acceptable — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If hard work and success are met with higher taxes and more government regulation and intrusion, while not working is rewarded with Food Stamps, WIC checks, Medicaid benefits, subsidized housing, and free cell phones — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If the government’s plan for getting people back to work is to provide incentives for not working, by granting 99 weeks of unemployment checks, without any requirement to prove that gainful employment was diligently sought, but couldn’t be found — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you pay your mortgage faithfully, denying yourself the newest big-screen TV, while your neighbor buys iPhones, time shares, a wall-sized do-it-all plasma screen TV and new cars, and the government forgives his debt when he defaults on his mortgage — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If being stripped of your Constitutional right to defend yourself makes you more “safe” according to the government — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If the media panders to your openly socialist leader while the IRS targets groups with dissenting views— you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If your government ‘cracks down’ on legal gun sales to law abiding citizens while secretly supplying illegal guns to Mexican drug cartels— you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If your local government (Chicago) outlawed gun ownership for ‘the safety of its citizens’ and now boasts the worst murder rate in the country — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    What a country!

    This was borrowed from another blog, author unknown, please spread it far and wide!

  5. I read the replies……there is nothing, no amount of logic, anyone can say that will get through to the rabid Trump supporter. Just like Jonestown, once they’re indoctrinated into the cult of Trump, he can feed them “Koolaid” all day long and the ones that are still alive will beg him for their share!

    • You are correct. After a decade of attempted reason, I have now decided that people have fixed agendas which are not controlled by facts or outcomes. If they ever appear to give to reason, it is a facade dedicated to lowering your defenses for future domination.

  6. Trump calls women pigs etc. What do he calls his wife posing NUDE on the internet for all to see. Is this what we call a first what. Start thinking before you speak and do something with the wool cap of supposed to be hair.

  7. You are an absolute idiot for posting this and should be sued for malpractice and defamation. An utter and complete fool.

    Health Professional -Doctorate

  8. WHAT DOES YOUR MONEY SAY: In God we trust. WHAT DOES OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM SAY: God she’d his grace on thee. God is in control and he controls the rise and fall of Nations so you might want to consider this because we just might be pushing our luck with him. I would suggest you give thanks for what we have instead of complaining. IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE President tell God all about it. See what happens. I AM NOT RECOMMENDING THAT. I DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU BUT: MY ANCESTERS fought and died for this country and I don’t like people who don’t respect it and resist the will of the people.and or God. IF YOU ARE A TRUE AMERICAN YOU WILL REPEAT THE PRESIDENT OF THIS COUNTRY .


  9. Actually, Dov, there may be a sizable number of Americans who may NOT be happy with Donald Trump but who are ARE very happy that Hillary Clinton is not the president-elect. Furthermore, it may not be that individuals who support Trump are “anti-woman” (because they don’t like Hillary), but rather because they did not like THAT PARTICULAR WOMAN (Hillary).

    • Very mature….make irresponsible decisions as a reaction to fraudulent claims.

      Because Clinton was soooooo much more deplorable than trumpski

  10. Okay Dov, we’re waiting for you to change your mind. We’re waiting for you to accept change. We’re waiting for you to exercise your brain and overcome your lizard heritage. To take just one example, rather than calling Trump an Islamaphobe for any attempt to check Muslim immigrants, you can change your thinking to recognize the very real and serious threat by extremist Muslims that Congress and the President, with yours and others’ support, have failed to confront directly for the sake of political correctness. Still waiting… or are you just a hypocrite at heart?

    • You represent times past. How do you construe your platform as “change?”

      What will be improved vs the past? How will a broader, larger population be empowered as a consequence?

  11. And couldn’t the same theory be applied to Hillary’s fans? How can they continue to overlook her LIFETIME of criminality? Are they thinking with their lizard brains? Once again the media fails the public, especially the Left. You don’t report real news that they could use to see the vulnerability of Hillary. The Democrat’s, Obama’s, and your disdain and refusal to legitimize the issues of the middle class living real life in middle America has led to the People’s President-elect Trump. We live in a grown-up world and it’s time grown-ups run it again.

    • The same claims from all of you yet not a single prosecutable fact while you over look wholesale corruption from your own group.

      Lets see the jail time for that dirty republican lite Clinton you mooks.

  12. Lucy, you have wonderful opinions imo. However, they won’t matter. People won’t get it. Try not to laugh but I spoke to a man who says he’s voting for Trump because he’s rich and therefore will save taxpayers money by using his own private plane and vacation homes.

    It’s IQ. Lack of. Has to be.

  13. Hail to our ‘lizard brain’ and hurrah for our neocortex too…but I never got attached to the guy from his reality show… It was really about seeing how foolish, judgemental, childish and stubborn he is… It’s like I got politically married to him in that I went through a process, (we all know well) of being attracted to his charisma, then disappointed by his boorishness, then skeptical of his opinions..then scared of his impulsivity and wild ego…and now, like in all relationships that finally gel, I accept the whole Trump package. It’s not perfect but I can live with it!

    J Fisher MA Ed.

    • You “can live with it!”…….maybe you can justify it to yourself, but it’s the rest of us who see Trump exactly like he is who are going to have to pay for your dangerous “decision”!

    • Yet you are not concerned with the republicon agenda as though the agenda isn’t where the harm is..its his “image” to you people. Maybe you can figure out why image is so important to him while having solid proposals that will do as they are claimed are not.

  14. Let me start off by saying I am, or was, an independent. I knew Hillary Clinton was going to run on the Democratic side, and probably Bernie Sanders…maybe Elizabeth Warren. I was really intrigued to see who would be on the Republican side. Well, that was a disappointment. During the primary, it seems Democrats and independents got to know how messed up Trump is, but the Republicans as a whole seemed pretty unaware until after the Primaries…then oh no! And so the GOP ramped up the hype against Hillary Clinton even harder. So, now we had a problem.

    “Hillary Haters”, as some in the media like to call them, can’t accept that Hillary Clinton is a woman who has worked in civil service for 50 years trying to better the lives of people. That she was born in Chicago, raised as a hardworking Methodist and still teaches bible study every Sunday, and used to identify as a Republican. On the other hand, they think Donald Trump, who was born rich, never having experienced being in middle class, somehow understands them and will help them. They think the man who cheated on all his wives, marries trophy wives, and didn’t really attend church before running for president except for holidays is their family values man because he is running as a Republican. I guarantee you none of them would have supported him if he still was a Democrat like he claimed for most of his life.

    Personally, I think the Republican Party is very adept at forming very good propaganda against their opposition. The Democrats not so much. The email “scandal” is incredibly overblown in every sense of the word. It does feed into people’s narrative if they identify as a Republican however…they don’t seem to measure things in shades of gray, it is strictly black and white, good and evil. They think they are good, so, of course, Hillary Clinton must be evil because she represents the other team. Republican propaganda loves to feed their supporters this, so we have as farfetched ideas as Clinton being a demon that bathes in blood, has murdered people, and kidnapped babies (honest, I just talked to a woman yesterday that really believed this).

    This election has been the weirdest I have ever been through. It is like everyone has lost their everloving minds. Personally, I think Hillary Clinton is the best choice by far and Donald Trump would be absolutely horrible for the middle class and poor, and probably for the Democracy of our country. That is my opinion. And I have the best opinions :)

    • Hey Lucy, who said the Repubs think Trump is a family values man or that he understands what it’s like to be poor or middle class? The only thing you are justified in asserting is that Trump’s supporters believe he will affect their lives more positively than Clinton would. You don’t put manure in your garden because you like it, but because it will help your garden. Let’s pretend for the sake of argument, that you are extremely concerned about illegal immigration because you agree with the INS’ warning that unrestricted immigration will lead to greater violence, and because you agree with Pat Buchanan that it is leading to the demise of the entire nation. Now pretend the Pope is running for unrestricted immigration and Hitler is running against it. On that issue who will you stand with?

      No doubt you recoil at the thought, and argue but voting for Hitler means you bring all his baggage with him. True, but now back to Clinton v Trump. Like you said, here we have shades of gray. Emails overblown? I agree if taken in isolation. But the issue is she lied all the way through it. And speaking of family values, Clinton teamed with her husband to destroy the lives of several women who made very credible claims of rape against him, not to mention condoning the ongoing treatment of a 22-year-old Monika Lewinsky for the sake of saving her and her husband’s political careers. Not a great supporter of women or of family values. I call that worse than Trump who at least married the women he philandered with. And Trump has actually done a great job with his kids, as shown by his ability to turn over his business affairs to them at this time. The Clintons not so well with theirs.

      And who are the haters? You have never seen a Republican riot, even though there are plenty of poor Republicans. If Hillary had won, you wouldn’t have seen the massively hateful attacks and explosion of twitter death threats from the half of the country that voted for Trump.

      What is the hatred all about? It’s about Trump’s proposal to uphold law and order on immigration. It’s about reducing the cost of healthcare. Obama was all about ignoring the laws on immigration, and about KNOWINGLY lying to the American people in order to pass Obamacare. As far as I can tell, Clinton would continued in the same path.

      There is more to be said, but I will conclude that just as Hillary can be judged in shades of gray, so can Trump. Trump loves his family and loves his country. He knows the challenges of running a business, which employ half the people in this country (and with their taxes feed the other half who are arguably kept in poverty and government dependency by bleeding heart liberals who stay in power by convincing them it’s all the fault of the government and the upper class). In short, Trump is a patriotic, mom and apple pie red blooded AMERICAN capitalist. I will vote for that.

    • Your comment made the most sense to me. Most others that i read just used alot of fancy words, i understood and agreed with the Dr. Analytical vs Gut reactions, better said lazy brains.

  15. Dr. Michaeli, possibly it is not our instincts but simply our lowering IQ that has given us 2 unfit candidates. The world is used to us electing Clinton types. Trump would be at best an embarassment. How sad.,either way.

  16. damn communist crony. GO TRUMP and whys all comments moderated does it scare you that most of us think you are an idiot.

  17. Holy crap, this author’s head is so far up his own butt, he wears his stomach like a beret. How many drops of acid did he take before writing this? Sounds like a Libertarian on steroids with all of these big words unnecessarily forced into the article.

  18. I think a better question is: what is going on in the brain of Hillary supporters who continue to ignore her criminal acts she committed while using a personal server to send and receive highly classifiedand top secret information and putting the Nation at risk. Ignoring all protocols and then acting surprised when she got caught. How can someone support a pathological lier. How can someone support someone who thinks she’s above the law. Someone responsible for the deaths of Americans due to her stubbornness. Someone who is shown videos of statements she has made in the past while acting surprised and denying she has said those things. Someone who is getting her campaign funded by special interest groups but claims to represent all of the people. Someone who calls half of Americans deplorables. Your psychobabble is rejected and it fails.

  19. I understand your point, and by that same token, and reasoning, I can conclude a complete polar opposite view. When a person makes a negative comment, the first reaction is as you say, reactive, such as mr. Trumps masogynistic views, some would say, on women. However, allowing the neocortex (my apologies if I have this wrong, I’m only a machinist, with very little formal education) to “kick in”, one would come to the conclusion that although mr. Trump may not be a perfect man, his core policy ideas are pretty closely in tune with my personal views on policy, such as limited govt. roles, across the domestic board; increased military presence for “issues” that may arise in the future, or that plague us currently; and domestic policies that create an environment conducive for growth, just to name a few. So, in conclusion, although my undeveloped brain may need to catch up to my more intelligent counterparts within the species, I firmly believe that my choice for the Republican candidate is still the best choice for this country. Politics can sometimes confuse those of lesser intelligence, especially when they become emotional. Of course masogyny, and bigotry, aren’t considered emotional I guess. Thank god the left focuses on an opponents policys, and not emotional triggers, since they “go high”.lol

  20. “A corollary to that is that once our brain forms a narrative that explains the world, it will resist change since change entails increased risk.”

    Hmmm…let’s see now: this caveat sure sounds suspiciously characteristic of the very same grand METAnarrative in neuroscience’s currently favorite “Alice in Wonderland” bedtime-story, a.k.a. evolutionary psychology – of which Erik has mentioned above?

    Has the esteemed Dr. Michaeli somehow forgotten to submit his brain, to the tenets subsumed under neurobiology’s own METAphysical analysis, prior to regurgitating this naturalistic fanfare; especially since there’s no such thing as “settled science” anyway – and this is simply due to the fact that the scientific enterprise itself has always been a “notoriously self-correcting discipline,” according to distinguished philosophers and historians of science??

    You see, this highly counterintuitive explanatory hypothesis (meaning to many neuroscientists themselves) called scientism, scientific materialism, “materialist naturalism” etc., has itself remained fiercely resistant to “change,” on account of the countervailing scientific evidence amassing against this rather unscientific, “a priori” naturalistic assumption of “you are your brain” – or “the mind is, what the brain does” fantasy – found within the self-refuting bowels of this fideistic “worldview” explanatory scheme; of which nonetheless, continues to be indefatigably stuffed-down-the-throats of those unsuspecting “we the people” throughout American society (can you say brainwashing?, no pun intended) – accomplishd by highly educated people “controlling the cultural microphone,” whose very own livelihood depends upon maintaining this volitionally cherished, though scientifically-deficient worldview called metaphysical naturalism? “But is it science” sir?

    So Dr. Michaeli, since in your academic studies I’m quite certain you’re aware of the implications within neuroscience’s current paradigm re: that perennially recalcitrant, “hard problem of consciousness,” I then find it absolutely necessary to ask:

    Since your et al. collective “brain’s” have obviously “formed this METAnarrative called [scientific materialism] that explains the world” – and thus we rational/moral “conscious observers” called Homo sapiens’ truly counterintuitive “place,” within a universe consisting of nothing more than the constituent elements contained in the “Standard Model of Physics”; just what is the “increased risk” for the current intellectual gate-keepers – such as yourself – should “scientism’s” non-existent scientific foundation, for the West’s favorite-son worldview called “materialist naturalism,” finally CHANGE due to its imploding, or inevitable collapse???

    After all, I believe it was none other than Albert Einstein, of whom had made the prescient observation that, “we can have an ethical foundation for science, but we won’t ever be able to construct a scientific foundation for ethics.” (Not verbatim.)

    And Einstein’s thought provocative analysis is still an observational fact today, plaguing the ideological excesses found within the self-destructive dialogue unique to naturalism’s evolutionary psychology.

  21. I’d like to see part 2 of this article. “What’s going on inside the brain with Hillary supporters”…

    Though Trump has said and done things throughout his life, I cannot find anything that justifies doing away with Trump when America’s future is literally at stake. He’s the only one willing to confront the problems America’s facing today AND do something about it. His business experience is crucial to America’s future.
    On the OTHER hand, Hillary’s actions, lies, deceit, theft, corruption, racial divide, destroying the Constitution, email scandal, etc…(not enough room) Oh yeah! We can’t forget the body bag count. A woman who claims to have respect for women and gays and their rights in America, only to find that she’s cuddly involved with leaders in terrorist countries that have NO respect for women or gays. Gays are sentenced to death. Women are slaves to child bearing and sex. They’re not allowed to drive or go anywhere. They are shot dead for not wearing a burka or for making eye contact with males. Children are taught hate and violence in the first years of life. These people procreate strictly for the purpose of body armor, jihadist and/or suicide bombers…
    Hillary is wanting to increase the amount of so called refugees who, in the first place, are military aged and physically fit males, the majority are Muslim. There’s SO much more to be said…

    Under the current given circumstances, WHY would ANYONE want to vote for Hillary, with her emails, “speeches”, campaigning, lack of morals and compassion, etc.. being unconstitutional and anti-American?
    The woman has sold her soul to Satan and so have many others. She wants to deprive American citizens of their constitutional freedoms. Heck! She’s trying to force us into a New World Order!

    There’s already been a study performed by psychiatrists and psychologists that has learned that liberals have a mental illness known as narcissistic personality disorder, which explains a lot about their behavior.
    So yes, I’d like to see a “part 2” on this article…

    • Please direct me to the study claiming liberal have narcissistic personality disorder. That’s a bold statement with no reference to back it up or FAKE NEWS coined by the right wing

  22. AND IT COULD BE! You, like many liberals can’t see the forest for the trees. WHAT IF, they , like millions of other people , just see his opponent for the liar and criminal she is. COULD IT BE THAT SIMPLE?

    • It is that simple, what the tiny brain of this “Phd” cannot understand is WE are not voting for Trump, but against hillary because know she lies, when a person declares herself to be your enemy and stands up and lies to your face what are we supposed to think? So, what ever lies Trump may have told has little to no effect on my life and well being, but I know for sure that hillary’s lies greatly affect my life and the lives and well being of my family, the people I hold most dear…

    • Imaginary or real,there’s an ill wind that blows no one any good right or left. Half truths, out right lies or alternative facts don’t bode well for the American people. We all need stability in these uncertain times. If we’re grounded in faith, whether we are unbelievers, thugs racist, prolife, Muslims, jew or gentile, LGBT, at the end of the day if peace does not prevail we will all be in the same boat.

  23. This is highly speculative. I voted for Cruz in the primary even after he dropped out of the race but will be voting for Trump to ensure Hillary’s oligarchy does not gut our democracy even further. We can endure 4 years of a buffoon but we cannot endure open borders, more bad trade deals and a potential president who believes based on experience that she is above the law of the land. They will continue chipping away at our freedoms and liberties and before you know it, all of us not matter our views, will become minions of the federal government. At least with the clown show Trump, we have a fighting chance of taking our country back in 4-8 years. With Hillary it is almost certain blood will spill and lives will be lost in the next American Revolution. Do we really want to turn that type of world over to our kids and grandkids? I will hold my nose and vote for Trump but it’s not because I “fell in love with a TV personality.” How naive.

  24. This is highly speculative. I voted for Cruz in the primary even after he dropped out of the race but will be voting for Trump to ensure Hillary’s oligarchy does not fit our democracy even further. We can endure 4 years of a buffoon but we cannot endure open borders, more bad trade deals and a potential president who believes based in experience that she is above the law of the land. They will continue chipping away at our freedoms and liberties and before you know it, all of us not matter our views will become minions of the federal government. At least with the clown show Trump, we have a fighting chance of taking our country back in 4-8 years. With Hillary it is almost certain blood will spill and lives will be lost in the next American Revolution. Do we really want to turn that type of world over to our kids and grandkids? I will hold my nose and vote for Trump but it’s not because I “fell in love with a TV personality.” How naive.

  25. Here is where your analysis falls apart: the issue for those supporting Trump is that they have figured out how corrupt both HRC and the “establishment” really are and what is surging in their brain is the injustice of it all. In other words, their inherent sense of justice is manifesting itself in their support of Trump and has nothing to do with your “psychobabble.” The “educated” are just not getting it unless they, like Trumps supporters, get it too.

    • Ken, you have it correct. I’ve heard that Trump is the ‘vessel’ that conservatives are pouring their hope and energy into. The alternative is unthinkable to me. Also, to Dov … in regard to your last paragraph, we have met the enemy and it is us … I request you change Trump to Clinton and read the article through a conservative lens. That may help you understand our focus.

    • The way I see it. Trump is a salesman. His success is based on his ability to sell. His first rally he discovered what all salesmen know; the clueless are the simple ones to control. Most of the population of this country is barely educated. The actually think our president can make decisions and dispense justice like a king. He cannot but his “base” doesn’t know that. They ate up bogus news like candy and believed it because it said what they wanted it to. Trump targeted and manipulated a very precise section of population and it worked. Unfortunately for him and the GOP, those of us with functioning brains know the election that’s most important are midterm elections in 2018. Congress will be fired

      • I commented elsewhere: If trumpski had been born to poverty, he would be a struggling car salesman given his lack of marketable talent, skill, or intelligence.

        The perfect representative for a group of con artists…cough con-servatives

  26. This seems like an insight into the obvious but people are selective in the realities they acknowledge, and this selection is politically driven: “it could be the case that people’s political orientations are an anchoring point for applying their knowledge—rather than the other way around” from a Pew report on attitudes about climate change:

    Confirmation bias may play a part in the willful ignorance of Trump supporters who, astonishingly, continue to support Trump but protective delusion is also at work here, to reconcile the dissonance of a Values Voter supporting a candidate who lacks Christian etc. values. In other words, the revelations about Trump must be a fabrication engineered by Democrats, “otherwise what kind of person could support a candidate like that; certainly not ME (a good Christian/Family-Values-Guy/Whatever).”

    • Or is could be they are not going to be fooled anymore by the democrat party and government corruption and want to bring in someone who is for the people…

      • Noooo. Clinton is such a dishonest kleptocrat unlike trumpski.

        Its stupid not to elect trumpski! We need our delusions to be validated since “reality” is just what the winners say.

    • Trump sexual predator , mask of sanity , sniffs like a Coke user, hates woman , knows nothing about how r government works , bribed ag of fla, screws little people , not pay contractors, racist, bigot and doesn’t remember his lies. He knows trump and there is evidence of business in Russia. Goes bankrupt 6 times and doesn’t pay taxes. 3 deferments to not go in service. Now he is losing and what does he blame. Racism.

      • How can you claim that he is blaming racism when that is a leftist reaction to everything. So what are the lefts reason for their continued support of Hillary who lies, steals and gives support to regimes that kill and/or maim people because they are women or LGBT? She is also a racist with proven incidents where she has called people the “n” word? She has threatened women who have been raped.. .by her husband… she called the gold star parents liars and still refuses to acknowledge Benghazi as being her and Obama’s failure. She still refuses to admit that she and Obama gave rise to ISIS who is the leading terror group that is attacking people in 32 countries, including our own… she mocked a young girl who was raped after defending the rapist… She runs a play for pay foundation that only gives 5% of their earnings to the poor and still hasn’t helped the people in Haiti as she claims… even the president there is against her… She has caused more deaths in her foreign policy… She stole hundreds of thousands dollars worth of items from the WH when they left… she “lost” 6 billion dollars while SoS… she lies about all her lies,

        She claims she has “accomplishments” and compared them to Trump in the last debate, bringing up she was in the war room when Osama was killed and Trump was doing a show… but the difference is … Trump was doing his job, he was NOT a politician then so there is NO comparison… And what did her so called accomplishment do? It caused MORE retaliation against us… Trump was NOT a politician when we went into Iraq, so what does it matter if he was for it or against it then.. HE was NOT in a position to decide if we go in or not… SHE WAS… and she supported it…

        Trump used the tax laws to his advantage as do all business owners. His bankruptcies were a restructure and NOT a means to get out of paying… You should do some more research on that… He didn’t go into the military just the same as Bill Clinton and Obama… soooo now its a problem with you lot? Trump has helped more minorities than Hillary has by giving them jobs and has given money and other support…

        And sniffs like a Coke user? LOL… there are many reasons why people do that, and some do it because they are just slightly overweight… some it’s allergies… and your biggest joke.. he hates women? thats the most laughable… He loves women… he may talk crude, so to millions of other men, especially behind closed doors… I wonder, do you have the same disdain for all the rap music out there that also degrades women? Trump is no more a sexual predator than any other person out there… he has talked crude, I would say that 90 % of all men do… you lot are just in denial that they do because you are afraid of the change he will bring to the country for the better.

        “He knows nothing about how r government works”… and our politicians do today? Perhaps we need people who are NOT career politicians to get things fixed around here… Look how corrupt our government is today because they all SEEM to know how to run it…

        And finally… losing? That is only what the media wants you to believe.. The media has been in the democrat/left’s pocket for a long time… by the turn outs at his rallies compared to Hillary… I would beg to differ… He is loved by many, across the racial/gender/religious/cultural/sexual preference spectrum… Hillary isn’t.. And a lot of people are waking up to that fact…

        • I couldn’t have said it any better. Broken down in easy to understand phrases so the left who only responds to rumors and drummed up and Paid attacks can maybe think about.

          Realistic thinking conservatives who really want changes, threaten the naive utopian desires of leftist anarchists who want unrestricted animal life like society. Well we have a higher power that guides us and the higher power will always empower those who desire His/Her will. Animals at least follow their basic instincts. Man manufactures his own concoctions for living and then society is destroyed. Wake up America…..the golden age of Higher thinking based on Higher principals is coming.

          Enough progressive concocted animal life based on pure speculation with no higher guidance.

        • You said what the people are thinking. Our government has been corrupt for decades. It is at a point that our Constitution is hanging on by a thread. Trump supporters believe in him because he is successful. We believe in his fairness because we have listened to him listen to two sides and make decisions. Trump may have said some horrible things about women, but he has said some horrible things about men, too. There has been crudeness in his expression. We have already seen a change in him because people change. This campaign has brought Donald Trump in close contact with the people who need change in their inner cities. He has sincerely associated himself with clerical leaders and congregations. We feel the love Donald J. Trump has for our America, and Gon, too, as well as for the inspired leadership of our forefathers who wrote the documents that would set this country apart from all other governments through laws and principles that would create freedom and equality for all. While he, himself, is powerful, he does not use that power to take from America’s citizens, rather he includes her people to ensure that freedom, so distinctly and bravely fought for its preservation, and to be enjoyed by all Americans safely, and wholly abundantly through the talents and hard work of her citizens with him as the trusted guiding light. Trump supporters believe in him, and that the fate of America rests on his shoulders through the good people of this land. There are no outside interests for him to be dissuaded by what our flag stands for. He looks for prosperity for American citizens and we believe him. His family is testament of goodness and hard work. He will put America back to work again, physically, mentally, and emotionally. God bless him, and God bless America.

          • Trump lies, cheats, basically steals tons of money from people and doesn’t get prison like he deserves. He is not presidential material. I don’t understand why people voted for him. His only concern is himself and maybe his kids.
            Melania is expendable.

          • Without Trump(et) Mouths TAXES isn’t it a bit absurd to 2 call him successful?! it’s as absurd as saying Putin seized Crimea, without mentioning the fact that the US/NATO gangsters, the CIA, and $5b of the US Tax-payers money helped destroy the pro-Russian Ukrainian Yanokovych government, huh? Note: U’ll have to ask Victoria Nuland and her recorded ‘Open mike’ conversations with the Baltic countries foreign ministers as she flaunted the US/NATO over-throw of the Ukrainian gov’t, for more details.

        • Just say”I am frightened”. That will be your first step in maturity.
          Just imagine for a moment how freeing it will be! You won’t have to purchase a gun to protect yourself, or ten more when that first one doesn’t sufficiently elevate that said fear. You may start to contemplate the simple reality that people with brown skin, different gender, or different lifestyle are actually just like you, people (gasp!).
          I know the world is a frightening place. And life is tough. But, if you can own YOUR fear and not project it as the responsibility of others,that is when you will understand true strength. Anything short is simple cowardice.

        • The Clinton’s have been the subject of a wide spread negative propaganda campaign of fabrications and half truths for multiple decades.

          Learn how to determine what reality is

        • Republicans have had control of senate for 25 yrs, wake up, problems in this country are caused by rightwing. tell me I’m wrong. u can’t it’s been republicans fault for all this shit, war on drugs, war on muslims, police state, gmo’s steroids in MLB, wars,terror, good news for you though religion is a lie so congrats on not burning in hell

  27. you have an interesting argument. although as a medical doctor, one would hope that you would not rely on armchair evolutionary psychological theory (which you should acknowledge as pure speculation as you do not know the causal mechanism selected for) and several principles of neuroscience to back those purported arguments. You are certainly free to say what you wish, one would hope, however, a higher level of thought and research from a medical doctor than mere speculation.

    • Do you have some constructive alternatives, or are you just another armchair contrarian?

      Seems popular these days- tell others they are wrong without giving better alternative. Very status quo like

    • trumpski is the definition of honesty and integrity…thats why you so concerned about what you think is so wrong with Clinton


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