Rob Nail, Assoc. Founder & CEO of Singularity University

by Patricia Salber

Rob Nail, Assoc. Founder & CEO, Singularity University
Rob Nail, Assoc. Founder & CEO, Singularity University

I had a chance to catch up with Rob Nail, the Associate Founder  and CEO of Singularity University at this January’s International Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2014). Rob explained the genesis, mission, programs and hoped for outcomes of the organization.

Having had a chance to attend Future Med, now called Exponential Medicine, I was familiar with SU’s innovative approach to education and innovation. Not a traditional degree University, rather an intense immersive approach to learning what’s going on at the cutting edge of science, medicine, finance, and other topics.  SU brings together people with disparate backgrounds (physicians, scientists, students, bloggers, activists, financiers, etc.) with the goal of stimulating not only brilliant discussions, but also brilliant innovations. Listen as Rob tells the SU story:

One of the outputs of Singularity University has been new, innovative companies.  I asked Rob to talk about some of the most creative.  Enjoy the video as he talks about some of his favorites:

  • Getaround – rent a car from someone in your community specific to the type of trip you are planning to take – e.g., the car you rent to go to work would offer a different experience than the one you rent to go to a bar!
  • MatterNet – Amazon type drones for the developing world
  • Genome Compiler – the folks that brought us The Glowing Plant project on Kickstartr


If you have a chance to attend anything put on by Singularity University, do it! The experience will blow your mind.



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