What Veterans Should Know About VA Dental Care Benefits

By Greg Grillo, DDS | Published 11/11/2019 6

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In order to determine which Veterans dental benefits you are eligible for, you must understand the VA dental care classes. (Photo source: Adobe Stock)

As a veteran, you may have questions about what dental care options are available for you. The problem is that veteran dental care benefits can be quite confusing. It can be difficult to make heads or tails of what you qualify for.

As a dentist of two decades, and a veteran myself, I understand the frustration. I’ve worked with countless veterans and have helped them secure the dental care they deserve.

With this article, I hope to detail some of my experience with VA dental benefits and help you determine which types of benefits you may qualify for. And by the end, you’ll hopefully have a good understanding of the VA benefits offered to you, as well as non-VA options that can help if you don’t qualify.

What Type Of Care Does The VA Cover?

Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer to this question. It depends on which classes(s) you qualify for. The amount of care can vary from specific issues to all care needed. It’s difficult to generalize, but most classes cover dental care that deals with some sort of service-related issues and injuries. For more details, read on to learn about different classes.

Understanding the VA Dental Care Classes

One of the more confusing aspects of VA dental is the large number of classes that qualify you for treatment. Each one of these classes has slightly different requirements. Some limit the types of treatment you can receive. Understanding if and which class you fit into is key to understanding which dental benefits you are eligible for.

Below, you’ll find each class along with a brief explanation of who qualifies. Some of these are a bit hard to completely understand, so if you have any further questions don’t be afraid to reach out to your local VA office. They are there to help you and will be able to explain what benefits you might qualify for.

 Class I: If you have a service-related compensable condition or disability then you are eligible for any dental care needed.

Class II: If you were discharged in any other condition than dishonorable, and you did not receive a dental examination upon discharge, then you are eligible to receive one-time care within 180 days.

Class IIA: A non-compensable condition (0%) that resulted from wounds in combat then you may be eligible to receive care to keep your mouth healthy. Per the February 2018 Dental Benefits for Veterans document IB 10-442, a VA Regional Office Rating Decision letter (VA Form 10-7131) or the historical Dental Trauma Rating (VA Form 10-564-D) identifies the tooth/teeth/condition(s) that are trauma related.

Class IIB: If you are a homeless veteran and receive care under VHA Directive 2007-039 then you may be eligible for care to relieve major pain, treat gum disease, or gain employment.

 Class IIC: If you were a former prisoner of war then you are eligible to receive any dental care needed.

Class III: If you have a service-related condition that has been determined to be affected by dental issues then you are eligible to receive treatment of said dental issues. This determination is made by a VA dental professional.

 Class IV: If you have a service-related condition that is rated as 100% (total) disabling then you are eligible for any dental care needed. This only applies to ratings of 100% that are permanent and not for short-term disabilities.

 Class V: If you are currently participating in a VA vocational rehabilitation program under 38 U.S.C. Chapter 31 then you are eligible to receive dental care that helps you participate in and achieve the goals of said program.

 Class VI: If you are receiving or scheduled to receive inpatient care and have dental issues that are determined to be complicating that treatment, then you qualify for treatment of those dental issues. Like above, this is determined by a VA dental professional.

What Are Other Options If I Don’t Qualify?

While there are a lot of ways to qualify for VA dental benefits, the truth is that not all veterans will qualify. It’s unfortunate, but luckily there other options available for veterans. Below are a couple of options that can help veterans afford dental treatment and get the right healthcare they need.

  • National VA Dental Insurance Program:

One very good option is the insurance offered through the National VA Dental Insurance Program. This is insurance, so it’s not free, but it comes at a reduced cost compared to other plans.

This program is specifically offered to veterans, so they understand the issues you’re facing and are looking to help make things easier on you. Check to see if it is available in your area as it is a great way to cut down on the cost of dental treatments.

  • Dental Insurance:

It’s also possible to purchase dental insurance through 3rd party vendors. These are typically a bit more expensive than the VA dental insurance but can help cut down costs on unexpected procedures later.

  • Medicare Benefits:

You may also want to consider looking into Medicare benefits. These benefits can help pay for some dental procedures. Unfortunately, these benefits will not stack with any other VA benefits. Further, Medicare only covers a very select range of dental work.

  • Veteran Specials:

Lastly, there are many dentists around the country that offer special discounts for veterans. This includes things like reduced cost operations or even free services such as cleanings and X-rays.

Many dentists will advertise these services, but it never hurts to inquire if a dentist in your area offers any discounts to veterans. The only downside here is that many of these services will likely be very local and specific to the individual dentist.

  • Veterans Groups:  

Lastly, there are many dentists around the country that offer special discounts for veterans. This includes things like reduced cost operations or even free services such as cleanings and X-rays. Many dentists will advertise these services, but it never hurts to inquire if a dentist in your area offers any discounts to veterans.

The only downside here is that many of these services will likely be very local and specific to the individual dentist. Some military-focused websites might also advertise these specials, so it doesn’t hurt to check them out.

You can also consider reaching out to local VA or other veterans groups to see if they know of any of these specials. They may have contacts with local dentists that offer these types of services to veterans.

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With all the above in mind, hopefully, you’ve found a way that works for you to secure affordable dental care. If you’re ever in doubt, reaching out to your local VA is always a great option. They’ll be able to help you navigate the confusing class structures. They may also have additional information that will be useful to you. Work with them, and you may find that you can resolve your dental problems and restore your oral health.

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Greg Grillo, DDS

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  • I have a non compensation 0% rating from the VA. The dental trauma was caused by an existing VA claim/injury. During my dental claim my teeth became so bad that they needed to all be removed,and I received dentures. The expenses were out of pocket. My question is. I’m able to receive reimbursement for these expenses? Being that they incurred during my initial claim.

  • I am 100% P&T and my dental condition is terminal and every option to keep any of the remaining teeth gets shot down by the VA and even dentures are not getting approved, at this time I have no teeth on the left side, and only couple on the right side and a failing bridge in the front with a growing infection that I cannot get anyone to deal with.
    What are the options VA reps say there’s nothing they can do after they have made the determination do I just wait for the infection to go into my brain, and just

    • Hi Thomas, I am sorry to learn of your plight. Please explore the other (non-VA options) that Dr. Grillo included in his story. Or seek help in a medical facility that may be able to prescribe antibiotics for the infection. Best

  • None of these dental programs offer dentures. Only dental care. I am a disabled veteran 50%. I don’t qualify for Medicaid, food stamps, ANYTHING. And I can’t afford dental insurance from anyone. So now what? Why doesn’t the damn VA care about giving free dentures to disabled vets when it has everything to do with elevating our mental health and hiring ability (appearances matter!!!)

  • This article didn’t provide any additional information regarding VA dental care. It basically summed up information that’s already out there. Thanks anyways for your “doctor insight.“ LMAO…

  • Looking to find out if I Qualify for free dental care as I am a Veterans with PTSD was very back home from Iraq in 2004 2005

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