The founders of Validic listened to their customers, made a pivot, and found success as a connector!

I had a fun chat with Ryan Beckland, Co-Founder and CEO of Validic at the recent 2014 Health 2.0 Conference in Santa Clara. He told me the company started out to build a patient engagement platform in 2010. The company’s IP included technology to integrate data from a variety of devices/apps. But when they talked to their potential customers, they kept focusing on the data integration rather than the larger concept of patient engagement. So, the founders did what Eric Reis advises in his startup bible, The Lean Startup, they made a pivot—and it was definitely the right move.

[Here’s a link to the video.]


From hackers to enterprise

Of course, I already knew about Validic because I have friends who are hackathon junkies (not naming any names, but you guys know who you are!). Validic has made it fast and easy for developers to connect multiple trackers and other mobile health devices and apps to whatever they are building. This works extremely well for hackers at hackathons because they are usually trying to create a solution in a weekend!

But Validic is not only helping hackers. According to its website, the Validic “mHealth interoperability solution is a cloud-based platform that connects digital health application developers, medical devices and healthcare organizations, which includes providers, pharmaceutical companies, and wellness companies.” That means enterprise CIOs and CTOs don’t have to build multiple connections to each of the many mobile trackers and apps they want to integrate into larger enterprise IT systems, such as their EHR or care management systems. This is an amazing time and money saver—and definitely a crowd pleaser. Ryan tells me that Validic has many of the largest healthcare systems/organizations as customers and they have more than 80 million lives under management.


Connected to >150 apps/devices

Validic has already integrated with more than 150 apps, wearable devices, and in-home devices making it the industry’s largest mHealth ecosystem. And they are not done…they encourage app and device makers to apply to become a part of offering. Developers: Here’s a link to learn more.

The Validic folks say they are “determined to connect the entire digital health ecosystem to the healthcare industry.” That’s big! And, it is certainly a boon to developers of one-off solutions, such as trackers of a single or small number of clinical data points that have trouble getting traction in an increasingly complex mHealth marketplace.


validic graphic


Best value

frost-sullivan-awardFrost & Sullivan has just completed a mobile health industry report and selected Validic as the winner of the 2014 Global Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award for Customer Value Leadership.

Here’s what they had to say about the company:

“On analysis of the market landscape for healthcare interoperability solutions, Validic clearly stood out as generating the best value. Furthermore, Validic’s mHealth interoperability platform is a unique technological solution with a quick deployment time of a few hours, and is 90 percent cheaper than a healthcare company trying to build a comparable mHealth solution internally. Validic is a great value to healthcare companies looking to accelerate their digital health strategies.”



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