Want to Be Happier? Think with Your Senses, Feel with Your Mind

By Jane Bernard | Published 10/25/2018 3

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Have you been wondering if it is time to make a decision to shed stress and be happier by thinking different(ly)? Sensual thinking connects what you love with what you need in the big picture. It guides decisions that keep long-term priorities in focus so you feel healthy and happy.

Think with your senses, feel with your mind

Thinking sensually is search engine thinking. Sensuality goes beyond our five senses. We sense courage, dignity, fear, truth, love, happiness, and satisfaction. Our options are endless. Instead of only having one way to reason, we can use the variety of everything we sense to see new ways to solve old problems.

Sensual thinking is the way we understand how things come together, know our self, and connect with others. It is thinking with your senses and feeling with your mind. We do it automatically. It can be simple. Our senses are always present and tuned to what’s real. Thinking sensually brings a liberating perspective of balance and insight to your day.

When you start to think with your senses by noticing what you see, hear, taste, touch, and smell, everything changes. You will naturally tune to what pleases you or to a task you have forgotten. Don’t take your senses for granted. Sensing heightens awareness of place and purpose by reconnecting you with the bigger picture. You intuitively tune to what you value, which makes you aware of timing, purpose, and direction. Life is smoother.

The sixth sense: intuition

Everyone has six senses. They are each part of our survival instinct. Intuition, like our other senses, can easily be ignored, or you can use it to find excitement and satisfaction every day. Everyone uses intuitive tools like curiosity, dignity, tenacity, patience, and gratitude unconsciously. Notice what you notice. Intuitive tools are timeless iconic values that bring us a perpetual source of strength and insight. Every great leader and every survivor depends on them.

When you use intuitive tools to guide decision making, you take your life to a higher level.

Your intuition:

  • is never negative or judgmental
  • is tuned to your deepest needs
  • keeps you clear about your long-term priorities

Everything you sense creates an inner synergy that your brain naturally responds to. Synergy is when energies come together and a new unified energy is born—like making a baby, or like blending blue and red to make purple. Sensual thinking drives synergy between your senses and your mind to create action. Intuition is a nudge or a gut feeling that always drives action. Example:

  • You are crossing a street and visually alert. A car is coming. Your eyes signal your brain to flash danger and immediately your heart beats faster. Intuition steps in and balances what you sense (the car coming) with what you know from experience (dangerous) and what you feel (threatened) to create the action of stepping back.

Sensuality is the skill of staying present by savoring and integrating what you experience to be your highest potential. Sensual thinking is an inclusive, bigger picture perspective. Sometimes we call it “common sense”.

The intuitive tool of gratitude keeps us tuned to heart. Try it. You will be amazed.

  • When you wake up, be glad you’re alive.
  • Be thankful you are healthy.
  • Commit to using your time wisely. Today will never come again. Anything can happen. Every choice you make matters. Make the choice to love your life.

Gratitude is an amazing skill and a natural way to practice sensual thinking. With an attitude of gratitude, ultimately, it’s easy to be grateful and life gets better. Gratitude is not about whether the glass is ½ full or ½ empty, it’s the fact that you have the opportunity to drink life. Be open to what is good in your life, in your environment, and in your heart.

What you want may be waiting for you

The first step to seeing what you need and having what you want is thinking it may be waiting for you. If you don’t see it immediately, look again. No one has all the answers. You may not recognize it and if that happens:

  • Start noticing what you can appreciate, like good food, less traffic, comfortable shoes, and kind words.
  • If you don’t find what you need in your environment, use the intuitive tool of curiosity to boost your awareness. You will be able to see help, hear answers, and smell satisfaction. You will tune-in to timing, direction, and purpose.
  • You will be amazed.

Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right. ~ Henry Ford

When stressed, we ignore the familiar and zero in on emotions to overcome it. Emotional thinking is based on the past. When we lose touch with what’s happening in the present, what really matters is ignored. When we lose touch with the bigger picture, we cannot see how things come together.

  • By focusing on the past, the present becomes a blur. This makes problems seem bigger than they are, which makes stress more intense.
  • Emotional thinking inadvertently creates tunnel vision that ignores what you know in your heart and can see with your eyes. The result is you lose touch with context. Without context, you cannot make satisfying choices. You lose your sense of balance.

The sensual solution:

  • Emotional pressure is not physical, it’s mental. Because you are physical, mental, spiritual, and social, the sensual solution is to create a sense of balance. Breathing deeply begins the process of holistic thinking by connecting body, mind, and soul. When you balance what you feel with what you know in your heart and what experience tells you, the answer is often quite refreshing.
  • With a slow deep breath in and a long and slower deep breath out, you take the power away from emotions. Do this twice. The magic of a deep breath is that it tunes us into the natural soothing rhythms of our body. This relaxes the physical impact of stress.
  • To tune your mind to what you need, use music to relax and refresh your head. Rhythm and melody release the cloying grip of stress to refresh your point of view. Music helps us stay connected and grounded with what we value with our natural rhythms and values. There are always new ways of seeing old problems inside the bigger picture.
  • Give yourself a full minute to sit still and do nothing. Instead of thinking, notice colors and sounds in your environment. As you let your mind wander, ideas and answer come. That’s why people get ideas while taking a shower.

Natural sensuality keeps life vibrant

Natural sensuality keeps life vibrant. Noticing what you sense organically expands your brain and focuses your mind. It’s never the same twice. Take care of your heart. Every time you make a decision, you have a new opportunity to make life better.

We are born to navigate change by responding to our sense of right and wrong. Don’t think so much. Trust your gut. Take actions that feel valuable and you will find clarity and companionship.

First published on 12/10/17, this post is being republished for your reading pleasure.


Jane Bernard

Website: https://www.sensualthinking.com/

Jane Bernard is a visionary and a teacher. She is passionate about the role of Sensual Thinking to facilitate enduring positive change in our world. Logical and original, Jane has been called inspiring and provocative. Through her eyes, we see ourselves differently. Having degrees in Philosophy (The New School) and Special Education (Bank Street College), combined with three decades of Rinzai Zen practice, and the "everyman college of living", all contribute to her thinking. Jane is a writer and the author of 4 books about intuitive thinking. She has been on TV & international radio, talking from the intuitive perspective. Jane introduced her first book, Fine Tuning, on The Montel Williams Show, in 2006. Her easy-going combination of common sense and originality is a natural eye-opener.


  • What a pleasing find this article truly is, in this era Particularily. A Higher-Minded Concept and with clarity of purpose.

    How to get “air-time” for this “train of thought” is the question?

    What profits the Mainstream News Medias and gives the Owners Power over the Public, doesn’t serve our individual wellbeing, our children, nor our collective.

    We must continue to apply positive thoughts to a Free Media, one that gives equal + time to our understanding of subjects like this article, “the Law of Attraction” as an absolute, and the Conscious Application of Thoughts towards establishing a Higher Minded habit of thoughts.

    …and applying Compassion towards those whom have yet to discover the value of these subjects.

    Very well done.

  • It seems your definition of intuition would be my definition of the true nature of soul of a person. Trust your soul.

    • Yes, Jim! Our soul, like our breath, is an intrinsic part of our experience of health and happiness.

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