by Jaan Sidorov

First posted on the Disease Management Care Blog on 01/21/2013

Jaan Sidorov, host of Disease Management Care Blog
Once again, it is the Disease Management Care Blog’s pleasure to wish our President the best for his coming second term.  Not like he needs any help, of course. Mr. Obama certainly started things off with a bang with today’s soaring and forceful inauguration speech.

Which naturally worries the contrarian DMCB.

In Bob Woodward’s tell-all book The Price of Politics, Mr. Obama reportedly  reassured a skeptical Speaker Boehner by saying  “John, I’ve got great confidence in my ability to sway the American people.”

That was certainly evident today.  He really thinks speeches can win hearts and minds.

Contrast Mr. Obama’s oratory self-assurance with his predecessor, Ronald Reagan.  In the book, Reagan, A Life In Letters, it seems our 40th President used the written word to not only hone his communication skills but to internally develop and refine his thinking on the great issues of the day. Armed with that kind of self-clarity, Mr. Reagan speeches were secondary to his far more important skill of compromising without giving up on his principles.

Über academic Pat Thomson says it best: “Binge writing” allows authors to become immersed in a topic “to make sense of it.”  Fifty Shades of Gray author, E.L. James, may have expressed it best: “Write for yourself,” she said. “That’s it. And write every day.”

The modest DMCB agrees. Its bloggery (just over 1500 posts and counting) helps it better fashion real-world business plans that involve inevitable trade-offs between what the scientific evidence says what should be with what clients have already decided what will be.

The DMCB will never give a speech on the Washington Mall, thank goodness, and it’s not like Presidents will ever seek its counsel.  But it knows that philosophic certitude is better tasked to navigating inevitable compromises in the real world, not convincing skeptical listeners to give in.

Let the games continue!

Jaan Sidorov, MD
Jaan Sidorov MD is the Host of the Disease Management Care Blog where he shares his knowledge and insights about medical home, disease management, population-based health care and managed care. He is a primary care internist and former Medical Director at Geisinger Health Plan with over 20 years experience in primary care, disease management and population-based care coordination. He is primary care by training, managed care by experience and population-based care strategies by disposition. The contents of his blog reflect only his opinions and should not be interpreted to have anything to do with any current or past employers, clients, customers, friends, acquaintances or enemies, personal, professional, foreign or domestic.


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