By Rhona Finkel

First Posted at HealthWorks Collective on 7/10/2013

Rhona Finkel, health writer & blogger
Rhona Finkel, health writer & blogger

I’m not saying that it isn’t a barrel of laughs to consistently discuss heavy, often depressing topics. We can all get our kicks out of mental illness, complex medication mechanisms, ECT, failed drug trials – and insomnia, for a light day.

But one of our followers, Julia Smith, offered to share with our readers the following charming blog on the effects of work and college stress, and I thought everyone might enjoy what for us is a breather.  Have “fun.”

The Cost of Job Stress
Image compliments of Top 10 Online Colleges


  1. Managing your time is the key. Its hard to do when you have multiple bosses and deadlines looming over head but if you can manage your time, you can manage the stress.
    (Especially in healthcare industry)


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