by David Mayer

First posted on Educate the Young on 11/30/2012


David Mayer MD, Vice President of Quality and Safety for MedStar Health

Through the generous support of COPICCIR and MedStar Health, we have scheduled a week for resident physicians at the Ninth Annual Telluride Patient Safety Educational Roundtable and Student Summer Camps, so that resident physicians will again also have the opportunity to engage with leaders, educators, and advocates in patient safety in a relaxed and informal setting to discuss, develop and refine health science in ways that support a culture of patient safety, transparency and optimal outcomes in patient care.

As mentioned in my previous post announcing the 2013 Student Summer Camp dates and submission information (click here for information), the Telluride Patient Safety Resident Summer Camp is a similar one-week experience that will provide attendees an in-depth understanding of current patient safety issues, risk reduction strategies, and the power of transparency in achieving optimal patient care. The Resident Physician Summer Camp will be held June 10th-13th, 2013 in Telluride, CO at the Telluride Science Research Center.

Chief Resident Michael Kantrowitz at Maimonides Medical Center, a summer of 2012 attendee, recently posted on ETY (Telluride Patient Safety Roundtable 2012 Resident Updates) providing updates on the quality improvement projects he and fellow attendees from the New York area are working on as a result of their experience in Telluride. His one sentence summary is a wonderful outcome of our work there this summer, as Kantrowitz says:

“It is clear that our week in Telluride transformed our thinking about quality and patient safety.”

Jon Hatoun, PGY2, who posted his reflections on the Transparent Health blog over the summer, shared his experience as the following:

If I had spent the last four days locked in a library researching the patient safety literature non-stop, I would not have walked away with as much knowledge, enthusiasm, and support as I acquired participating in the Transforming Mindsets: Patient Safety Summer School for Resident Physicians in Telluride, Colorado.  The collective efforts, shared experience, and mutual support of everyone involved made for a special atmosphere (in the already special atmosphere of nine thousand feet) that allowed each of us to rise above our prior potentials.  Within an hour of resuming clinical duties today, I was already championing our collective cause, walking a fourth year medical student through an incident report about a delayed dose of nevirapine in a newborn; her initial grimace at the optional “name of reporter” question eventually morphing into an enthusiastic smile as she entered her name following our discussion about the benefits of reporting and transparency. I couldn’t be more excited right now to motivate these types of small shifts towards a safety mindset while also pursuing large-scale systems shifts that ensure safety as well.  Thank you to all the faculty and especially to the other residents!

Click on this video clip for a more in-depth view of the Student and Resident Summer Camps, as well as alumni reflections on their experience in Telluride. Additional residents interested in applying for the 2013 Summer Camp would need to secure funding for their participation and should have their program director contact David Mayer MD at (

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