Taking a Meaningful Look at Meaningful Use

DocGraph mapped specific EHR vendors to individual doctors that use their products in an effort to create some new accountabilities for the EHR vendors.

Well-known data journalist, Fred Trotter of DocGraph, joined me at HIMSS15 in Chicago to talk about transparency and Meaningful Use (MU). Fred told me that his organization, DocGraph, is always looking for some area of healthcare that is messed up or unclear that they can work on to help create transparency where it didn’t exist before. Of course, this means that Fred and the DocGraph team will have full employment for at least the rest of this century and probably beyond!


The Meaningful Use data sets

By working with public use files related to Meaningful Use, the DocGraph team was able to map EHR vendors to specific doctors using their products. They did this in an effort to create some new accountabilities for the EHR vendors. Somewhat controversial is that release of this data set allows the “attesting” client list of every EHR vendor in the country to become public knowledge.

DocGraph is using the data to produce a report card on how well a particular EHR vendor does on any given Meaningful Use attestation issue. For example, here is a link to sample data that shows how the various EHR companies performed on the Advanced Directives MU requirement.

Only the raw data has been released so far as Fred says (as of the time of our interview) that they haven’t yet done their own analysis, although that will be forthcoming soon.


The crowdfund

DocGraph’s mission is to use data to lessen the information asymmetry that now exists in our opaque healthcare “system.” You can help the good people at DocGraph continue this important work by contributing to their crowdfund that is now live on Medstartr.

CareSet Systems, the primary commercialization effort of the DocGraph Open Datasets, has partnered with DocGraph to create a series of rewards for this crowdfund, including CareSet Patch. Data and rewards will be shipped at the end of the crowdfund, which will occur on the last day of Health Datapalooza, June 3rd, 2015. All raw data comes with one year of updates.

Fred hopes they can raise $50,000 to pay salaries, keep the lights on, and otherwise make it possible for the team to continue their work. Why not go over and make a contribution today?


The video

Watch the video to learn more:



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