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A 13-Year-Old’s Perspective on How to Stem Violence in the World

Our thoughts have the ability to make us well or make us unwell. Science has shown that yoga, meditation, and mindfulness can assist in the healing process and that our minds can control our bodies. It is more important than ever to teach kids the skills they need to cope with emotions in a better way.
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Proven Health Benefits of Yoga

Two well-documented benefits of yoga are related to the physiological effects of deep breathing on the brain and enhanced flexibility of joints, tendons, and ligaments related to movement and stretching.
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How to Correct 10 Common Mistakes People Make in Yoga

More people are attracted to the health benefits yoga can bring. Here are some standard pitfalls that are not tough to pinpoint and easy to avoid.
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3 Best Pregnancy Workouts

Pregnancy is no time to turn into a soda-sipping, chip 'n dipping couch potato. Here are three great ways to stay in shape during those nine months.

Chronic Back Pain your Problem? Try Yoga

A well done, peer-reviewed study documents that yoga is safe and effective for chronic back pain. It can also be accessed by back pain sufferers on their own, no prescription needed.
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For Rotator Cuff Injuries,Try Yoga

Rotator cuff injuries are some of the most frequent injuries to the shoulder. The Triangular Forearm Support maneuver can help.

Is Yoga Unchristian?

When a Baptist minister bans toddlers from a church hall because their yoga class is unchristian, it makes you wonder what that makes them so nervous?