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exhausted business man with jet lag (1500 x 1000 px)

Your Brain on Jet Lag – It’s Not Pretty

Jet lag decreases the numbers of new neurons being born in the brain's memory center, the hippocampus, by about 50 percent.
Twinkie closeup

Want to Lose Weight? Is It What or How Much You...

Well, it turns out that for many of us, the problem isn’t what we are eating, it is how much we are eating.
a glass of red wine

Why Moderate Drinking May Help You Live Longer than Abstaining

A well-done study out of Japan shines a light on the enigma of the U-shaped mortality curve related to alcohol consumption.

Do You Know Your BioIQ?

BioIQ aspires to be the Netflix of Healthcare…lord knows, healthcare could use (pardon the pun) a healthy dose of Netflix convenience and service.
How much should you drink (640 x 480)

How Much and How Often Should You Drink?

The more alcohol men consumed on drinking days, the higher their risk of death from cardiovascular disease. In women, it increased death from any cause.

Thanksgiving Meal Over—Are You Still OK?

Dr. Dov Michaeli lists the common dangers lurking in stuffing our faces.
Food porn Hardees and the 920 calorie burrito (190 x 111)

Food Porn: Hardees and the 920 Calorie Burrito

Hardees 920 calorie breakfast burrito is designed to fill you up according to the company's marketing chief - with half of the day's calorie in one meal it will do more than that.
living with Crohn's disease (1000 x 652)

How to Get the Best Care for Type 2 Diabetes

If you have type 2 diabetes, it is important that you educate yourself so that you can be confident that you are receiving the care that you should have.
benefits splash of red wine 710 x 475

Finnish Study Shows that Wine Drinkers are Likely to Live Longer

Wine drinkers had a lower mortality rate compared to drinkers of other alcoholic beverages.
Blurry legs running on treadmill

More on Our Local Living Environments and Fitness (or Lack Thereof)

If you want to live in a healthy community, live in a healthy home space and work in a physical environment that promotes your health, then get out of your car and onto your feet.
life of a fat woman

Is Your Workplace Making You Fat?

If you are like many Americans, you spend more of your awake time at work than you do at home. But, is your workplace healthy by design?
vegetables and grains

Whole Foods Now Very Big, Makes a Commitment to Buy Small

Under increasing public pressure to support local food producers, Whole Foods has responded by announcing a series of initiatives to support local farming.