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Millennials Want These 6 Things from Healthcare

Millennials are molding the world their own image and their generation-specific habits are affecting how things work, namely in healthcare.
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The Road Warrior Life is a Hazard to Your Health

The road warrior life is a challenge to our ancient gene pool that evolved to sustain us during periods of feast and famine, exercise, and rest.
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Loneliness Can Lead to Increased Mortality

Research has shown that loneliness adversely affects health and can predict mortality.
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3 Surefire Ways to Prevent Burnout

Burnout affects almost half of doctors. Re-evaluating work/life balance with simple lifestyle changes can help reduce the symptoms.
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Getting the Life You Want by Design [Review & Video]

Physician and neuroscientist, Kyra Bobinet, has written a wonderful book, Well Designed Life, that provides a roadmap for using design thinking to get the life you really want to live.
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Healthcare Can Be Hazardous to Your Health, Just Ask Quizzify

Al Lewis' new company, Quizzify, aims to improve employees health literacy via fun, but educational Q&As that can be tied to rewards to keep them engaged.
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The Lark App is Cheerleader & Coach for Chronic Conditions

According to Julia Hu, founder of the company that makes the Lark app, a text-based health coaching program, it has the highest engagement in the industry.
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Can We Prevent the Disease of Aging?

NatGeo's The Age of Aging explores the question of whether we can slow aging & prevent the development of chronic diseases of the elderly.
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Corporate Wellness Programs are Money Losers

Evidence that corporate wellness programs lose money has been accumulating, not just from critics but also members of the wellness industry.
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Tom & Bob’s Fun Little Book on Health

This is not your typical health book, you know the type, usually written by people like me, trained as a doctor used to preaching the facts of health and wellness.

Is Turmeric a Miracle Supplement or Just a Spice?

Turmeric is the latest antioxidant health fad. Antioxidant supplements are not only useless, they can do harm.

Psychological Effects of Cancer Screening

Several years ago, a few colleagues and I performed a systematic evidence review to help update the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force's recommendations on screening for prostate cancer.