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Why Is Vitamin B12 So Important?

Vitamin B12's metabolic reach includes DNA synthesis, hemoglobin production, & nerve function. Perhaps that's why body stores are huge relative to daily intake.

Lecithin Supplements: Understanding the Risks and Benefits

Before you take lecithin supplements, you should weigh the lack of credible evidence of benefits against scientific literature suggesting safety concerns.
NAD healthy aging

NAD and Healthy Aging

NAD is critical to our bodies but levels decline with age. There's evidence to suggest that boosting NAD levels may play a role in healthy aging.
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Your Genes and Food: The Science of Personalized Nutrition

Highlights from the 2018 American Nutrition Association meeting on Personalized Nutrition includes advances in science as well as clinical applications.
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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Energy Boosters

While the choice of energy-boosting products is broader than ever, some are beneficial and others are not. And, some should be avoided altogether.
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Do Conflicting Health Headlines Leave You Confused?

Conflicting media reports that neither address validity nor correctly interpret findings of health research make it difficult for consumers to know what to do.
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You Can’t Outrun Your Microbes: How Exercise Affects Your Gut

Dr. Miller explains how extreme exercise affect our gut microbiomes.
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Dietary Supplements Can Make You Sick

There is a belief in this country that dietary supplements are completely safe. But that is just not true as Pieter Cohen, MD points out.

The Role of Diet, Stress, and Exercise Play In Belly Fat...

By fixing all three aspects of belly fat, you are much more likely not only to take it off, but to keep it off as well.

Vitamin E Supplements May be Hazardous to Bone Health

Based on skimpy evidence, we rushed to conclusions about vitamin E supplementation that were later shown to be inaccurate at best.

What’s the Controversy Surrounding Vitamin D Supplementation

Despite skyrocketing sales of Vitamin D, a review of the scientific literature suggests supplementation is probably not necessary.