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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Energy Boosters

While the choice of energy-boosting products is broader than ever, some are beneficial and others are not. And, some should be avoided altogether.
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Do Conflicting Health Headlines Leave You Confused?

Conflicting media reports that neither address validity nor correctly interpret findings of health research make it difficult for consumers to know what to do.
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The Dark Side of Lecithin Supplements

There is no credible evidence to support the myriad claims of benefit of lecithin supplements, but finding lecithin metabolites in the blood of heart attack and stroke patients raises a safety concern.
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You Can’t Outrun Your Microbes: How Exercise Affects Your Gut

Dr. Miller explains how extreme exercise affect our gut microbiomes.

The Role of Diet, Stress, and Exercise Play In Belly Fat...

By fixing all three aspects of belly fat, you are much more likely not only to take it off, but to keep it off as well.

Vitamin E Supplements May be Hazardous to Bone Health

Based on skimpy evidence, we rushed to conclusions about vitamin E supplementation that were later shown to be inaccurate at best.

What’s the Controversy Surrounding Vitamin D Supplementation

Despite skyrocketing sales of Vitamin D, a review of the scientific literature suggests supplementation is probably not necessary.
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Training for a Marathon? Can Red Wine Help?

Resveratrol increases endurance by facilitating a more efficient utilization of oxygen by the mitochondria.
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Vitamins and Supplements: Are They Good for Us or a Waste...

About half of Americans take some sort of dietary supplement and, collectively, we spend more than $23 billion per year on these products.