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How Virtual Reality is Improving Care for Mental Health Disorders

The use of virtual reality in mental health care is growing. It offers new ways to approach both diagnosis and treatment of certain disorders.

Healthcare Cognitive Assistants Aren’t Just Thinking Anymore, They’re Doing

Cognitive Assistants (CAs), like IBM's Watson, provide ready access to relevant literature, lab results, medical images, historical details, and more to guide next steps in a patient’s care, but now some CAs, like Reflexion's VERA, are adding "doing" to the "thinking".

Virtual Health Now and in the Future

New research from Xerox found that only 16% of U.S. adults have used virtual health for non-urgent advice, exams, or counseling...even though 61% are willing to do so.

6 Considerations When Envisioning a Digital Health Advisor

Dr. Eric Schneider and colleagues are proposing the many ways in which a digital health advisor (DHA) might be helpful.
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How Transparency and Collaboration Can Improve Healthcare

Improving healthcare requires a partnership between the payer and the care system. There must be transparency in every aspect of the relationship.
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Improve Your Health Digitally with French Tech [Video]

We spent some time with two of these French Tech companies to learn what they are up to: BewellConnect and Biomouv.
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A Conversation with Amir Dan Rubin, CEO of Stanford Health Care

Pat Salber (@docweighsin) interviews Amir Dan Rubin about how Stanford Health Care is seeking to heal humanity through science and compassion, one patient at a time.

Can Virtual Humans Help Change Behavior?

Kognito uses its virtual human technologies and its science-driven approach to create simulations of real conversations. A user then takes on the role of a virtual human and actually role-plays or practices challenging conversations.

Honing Diagnostic Skills with i-Human Patients

Missed or delayed diagnoses occur in approximately 15% of patient cases. Can case simulation be used to better train clinicians to avoid errors and improve accuracy?

What’s the Innovation HealthJam? Check Out This Video

Pat Salber, host of the digital health agenda track of Panasonic's upcoming Innovation HealthJam (June 17-19) answers the question, "What's a Jam?" Want to join the conversation? Register today at innovationhealthjam.com.

One Startup’s Fast Track to Success: Jintronix Rehabilitation Services

The JRS Portal is a web application that therapists log into so that they can monitor their clients using the Wave.