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Screening Pregnant Women for Social Determinants of Health

The University of Kentucky Ob-Gyn Department shares the learnings from a study of their universal psychosocial screening of high-risk patients program.
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Why Do ‘Real Men’ Like Guns?

Looking formidable has an evolutionary advantage - birds do it, apes do it, so why not humans. Perhaps that is why "real men" like guns.
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Bad Experiences are Stronger Than Good Ones and That’s Great

Humans tend to outweigh bad experiences compared to good ones by about 5 to 1. It turns out this may have evolutionary advantages.
sexual harassment iHollaback (582 276)

Wanna harass me? iHollaback

Hollaback! is a movement dedicated to ending street harassment, a common, under-prosecuted, form of gender-based violence, using mobile technology.
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It is Lonely (and stressful) at the Top

The other day we watched President Obama on TV and were struck by how quickly all recent presidents turn gray-haired during their tenure in the White House....

Long Term Effects of our National Malaise

By Dov Michaeli Most of us are in a funk right now. We are involved with two wars which most of us don’t really believe in, we...

How to Say “Not Tonight, Dear”

by Dov Michaeli Well, here is a tear-jerker if I’ve ever seen one, published in the January 6 issue of Science Online. Professor Noam Sobel...

Gun advocates – are they willfully in denial, or have they...

By Dov Michaeli Here are a few snippets from today's article in the NYT (1/14/11) A Clamor for Gun Limits, but Few Expect Real Changes. “I...
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Do Guns Save Lives? Arguments Pro and Con

Studies and common sense suggest arming everyone is not going to make us safer despite the tactics of the gun lobby to convince us otherwise.

The Arizona Massacre: Where is the Medical Community?

I have been watching the awful news from Arizona with a mixture of sadness and anger. This obscure (until last Saturday) representative from Tucson...

Cyber Bullying – More Pernicious than the ‘Regular’ Kind

Who could forget the horrible story of Phoebe Prince, the 15-year-old Irish immigrant who committed suicide after relentless bullying by nine school mates.  But...