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How Rudeness and Bullying Harms Patient Care

Whether it's serial perpetrators of abuse or a person that occasionally makes a hurtful remark, rudeness and bullying behaviors directly harm patient care.

How to Save a Life: Tragedy and Suicide

Psychiatrist Ayana Jordan's personal experience led her to learn what can be done to help a loved one at risk for suicide.
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Why We Have Shorter Life Expectancy in the U.S.

It turns out we have a lower life expectancy at birth – not because we are dying of diseases, but because of increased mortality at younger ages.
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Hospital Care is Getting Safer

Hospital care is getting safer according to a new report from the Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality.
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Are Medical Error Statistics Accurate?

Cardiologist Anish Koka explores the woeful lack of science behind some oft-quoted medical error statistics.
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The Risk of Opioids in Post-Surgical Settings

There are two patterns of respiratory dysfunction associated with use of opioids in post-surgical settings. Rescue requires understanding the difference
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Detecting Deadly Post-Surgical Respiratory Dysfunction

This potentially deadly post-surgical respiratory dysfunction will not be detected by pulse oximetry monitoring no matter what the alarm threshold.

What’s Wrong with Serial Killers and Mass Murderers?

Serial killers and mass murderers aren't normal - but what exactly is wrong with them?
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How Should Doctors Talk About Gun Safety?

Leading gun violence researchers call for physicians to personalize gun safety counseling based on their patients' firearms beliefs and preferences.
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The Horror of War Written on the Face of a Boy

In 2007, the prevalence of mental health disorders in children in Mosul was found to be 37%. What does this bode for the future of Iraq?
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Anatomy of a Murder: The Role of Rumination

Research suggests that rumination may be a critical mechanism that keeps negative events close in the heart, mind, and time.
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Why The Anti-Vaxxers Feel Threatened

How could highly educated people deny science? The social-identity-threat theory comes the closest to explaining why anti-vaxxers feel threatened.