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How an Immunity Community Improved Parents’ Take on Vaccines

A new study documents the impact of parent-to-parent advocacy on vaccine hesitancy and shows promise as a way to help protect communities against contagious diseases.
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The Critical Ingredient to the Success of Vaccination Programs

The success of vaccination programs depends on being familiar with the bitter lessons of our continuous struggle with epidemic infectious diseases.

Why a “Autism-Vaccine Commission” is a Bad Idea

The Prevention Institute responds to the news that PEOTUS Trump may form a commission to investigate alleged links between vaccines and autism.
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Boost Patient Safety: How to Reduce Risks with Vaccinations

Although vaccinations are a routine procedure, physicians and staff should remain vigilant about patient safety considerations. Whether you are seeing children for back-to-school immunizations or adults for travel abroad or general disease prevention, take time now to assess the vaccine administration protocol in your practice.