CAR T-cell therapy cancer

CAR T-Cell Therapy for Cancer: What’s New on the Road to Cure?

Joshua Mansour, M.D. - 6/27/2019 - 0

Even though CAR T-cell therapy is not well known to the general public, it has been speeding along the medical highway with no rest stop in sight.

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advances treatment cancer

Recent Advances in the Treatment of Cancer

Harvey Berger, MD - 6/18/2019 - 0

Cancer treatment has advanced significantly over the past few decades, due in large part to research performed by pharmaceutical companies. Learn about some of the medications ARIAD Pharmaceuticals has brought to the market and how they’ve impacted cancer treatment.

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peer provider addiction treatment 2121 x 1414

The Benefits of Peer Support Providers in Addiction Treatment

Thomas G. Kimball, PhD - 4/1/2019 - 0

A key benefit peer support providers bring to addiction treatment settings is their lived experience with SUD recovery. There are many more.

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People at sober living home 1758 x 1758

What to Look for in a Quality Sober Living Home

Robert Tropp - 3/29/2019 - 0

A sober living home is an essential step between leaving an intensive substance abuse treatment program and reentering the world on your own.

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Vision loss & blindness, glasses clear up vision chart

Vision Correction: Risks and Benefits

Noah Rue - 1/3/2018 - 8

Whatever your eye problems, you should be aware of the options to correct them including glasses, contacts, or surgery.

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Woman in green shirt holding hands on back 1936 x 1346

The Best Ways To Treat Back Pain Without Drugs

Cindy Perlin, LCSW - 5/17/2017 - 3

A variety of non-drug treatments, ranging from massage & physical therapy to low-level laser therapy, have been found to provide relief from chronic pain.

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