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In Healthcare, High Tech is Not a Substitute for Engagement

High technology may thrill us from time to time with promises, but it is the low technology of interpersonal connections—of speaking, listening, and sharing—that keeps us all going.

Do You Trust Medicare with Your Health? Read and Decide

Diane Evans fact-checks Medicare's claims about its newly announced physician-reimbursement plan (MACRA) that will affect the healthcare coverage of more than 55 million Americans.
Knowledge is Power from D'Arcy Gue's post

The Case for Robust Patient Portals is Growing

D'Arcy Gue argues that physicians must move beyond their sense of unease and embrace the portals' ability to empower patients.
Three surgeons in masks (Adobe Stock Photos)

A Surgery Market With Quality, Convenience and Transparency

Surgeo is a new type of market for penile implant surgery packages that has clear costs and delivers convenience and choice to men with erectile dysfunction.

“Minor” Complications can Kill

By Dov Michaeli When I was in my medical training I was astonished one day, when I made my morning rounds, to meet G,...