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doctor and patient

How to Streamline the PCP Office Visit

CEO Ray Costantini joins Pat Salber (@docweighsin) in a video discussion of Bright.md, a company that hopes to streamline the PCP office visit.
psychiatric care

Social Media and Telemedicine in Psychiatric Care

Research demonstrates that while certain minority groups are at increased risk for mental health disorders due to acculturative stress and trauma, stigma surrounding psychiatric care has been perpetuated by family members, friends, and other individuals in the community, with whom patients more easily com into contact via social media.
Amir Dan Rubin

A Conversation with Amir Dan Rubin, CEO of Stanford Health Care

Pat Salber (@docweighsin) interviews Amir Dan Rubin about how Stanford Health Care is seeking to heal humanity through science and compassion, one patient at a time.

Can Virtual Humans Help Change Behavior?

Kognito uses its virtual human technologies and its science-driven approach to create simulations of real conversations. A user then takes on the role of a virtual human and actually role-plays or practices challenging conversations.

Honing Diagnostic Skills with i-Human Patients

Missed or delayed diagnoses occur in approximately 15% of patient cases. Can case simulation be used to better train clinicians to avoid errors and improve accuracy?

ConsejoSano: Leapfrogging Barriers and Borders

ConsejoSano provides Spanish-speakers living in the U.S. telephonic access to licensed practicing physicians in Mexico at a very low cost.
Breakthrough telemental health screenshots

Telepsychiatry: A “Breakthrough” in Mental Health Care

Breakthrough is an online telehealth platform that brings together patients, providers (therapists), and insurers so that people with mental health care needs can quickly, conveniently, and privately access help in their own homes.

What’s the Innovation HealthJam? Check Out This Video

Pat Salber, host of the digital health agenda track of Panasonic's upcoming Innovation HealthJam (June 17-19) answers the question, "What's a Jam?" Want to join the conversation? Register today at innovationhealthjam.com.

CES 2014: Randy Parker, CEO MDLive

We filmed one of our most interesting interviews with Randy Parker, CEO of MDLive, an on-demand telehealth company that provides patients with remote access via video, phone, and secure email to board certified doctors and licensed therapists.
graphic representing digital health innovation (692 x 692)

The Cleveland Clinic Top 10 Medical Innovations of 2010

Here are the Top Ten innovations of 2010 from the Cleveland Clinic, sponsor of an annual Innovation Summit and one of the premier health organizations in the US