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Physician Innovators: Empowered to Change Healthcare

Physician innovators empowered to solve problems are key to meaningful change in healthcare. They understand the issues because they deal with them everyday.
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How Virtual Reality is Improving Care for Mental Health Disorders

The use of virtual reality in mental health care is growing. It offers new ways to approach both diagnosis and treatment of certain disorders.
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Why Telemedicine IS the Future of Healthcare

The many benefits of telemedicine, such as improved access and patient satisfaction, far outweigh the downsides which are, for the most part, correctable.
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Why Innovative Employers Invest in Worksite Healthcare

Worksite healthcare can help employees be healthier, more productive, and are more present on the job. It can also help lower healthcare costs.
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Ria Health Offers Rehab for Alcohol Abuse on Your Phone

RiaHealth is a digital health startup that combines objective data (breathalyzer and pill photos) with medication to help people reach their goals for treatment—whether controlled drinking or abstinence.

Healthcare Cognitive Assistants Aren’t Just Thinking Anymore, They’re Doing

Cognitive Assistants (CAs), like IBM's Watson, provide ready access to relevant literature, lab results, medical images, historical details, and more to guide next steps in a patient’s care, but now some CAs, like Reflexion's VERA, are adding "doing" to the "thinking".

America Has a Rural Healthcare Crisis – Technology Can Help

Can technology provide a remedy for the dismal state of rural healthcare in America? If not, what else can be done? Irv Lichtenwald outlines the issues.

8 Best Practices in Implementing Telehealth

Too often, healthcare administrators are discouraged from implementing telehealth because they think it is too complicated. Best practices include starting small and keeping it simple.

When it Comes to Telemedicine, Who is Paying for What?

Telemedicine reimbursement policies vary by payer. Leanza Tupfer reviews what is covered based on type of payer (Medicare, Medicaid, Private Plans).

Technology Expands Healthcare Beyond the Clinical Setting

Technology gives providers opportunities and tools to extend healthcare’s reach beyond the clinical setting for routine care, chronic care, and transition care.

4 Things to Consider Before You Get Started in Telemedicine

Practices wanting to implement a telemedicine program often err by focusing first on buying equipment instead of developing a strategic plan for guiding them.

Adding Teleretinal Exams to the EHR is Time and Sight Saving

When the right technology is married to the right process, the sky’s the limit in terms of driving compliance and improving care—case in point, diabetic retinopathy.