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Surgery with an “Appy” Ending

Jeffrey Swisher, M.D. - 7/16/2021 - 0

A Physician faces his own diagnostic failure when it counts the most. A minor surgery is always something that happens to someone else.

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non-technical skills-for surgeons

Non-Technical Skills for Surgeons Can Be Life Savers

Margaret Cary, MD, MBA, MPH - 12/3/2020 - 4

Surgeons should hone their non-technical skills (communication, teamwork, leadership) as they are key elements of patient safety.

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addiction medicine oxycodone tablets

Prioritizing Addiction Medicine: Key to Closing Gaps in Addiction Treatment

Forrest Arthur, M.D. - 11/9/2020 - 2

A new addiction medicine fellowship aims to expand the number of addiction specialists to close gaps in addiction treatment.

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Physician compensation stethoscope and dollars

Physician Compensation 2020: How Much Money Do U.S. Doctors Make Per Year?

Patricia Salber, MD, MBA - 11/8/2020 - 10

Doximity’s Physician Compensation report revealed that income growth slowed and the gender wage gap grew in 2020 due to the pandemic..

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power of love blurry red truck

Getting Hit By a Truck Taught Me the Power of Love

Vicki Howell - 5/20/2020 - 21

After being hit by a truck and critically injured, Vicki learned that the power of love and goodness from strangers can change your life in unexpected ways.

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Chronic Knee Pain Due to Cartilage Injury: Treatment Options

Geoffrey Van Thiel, MD/MBA - 9/17/2019 - 0

Chronic knee pain due to injury of the cartilage is common, however, many people are afraid of surgery. They need to understand current treatment options.

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TAVR, Innovation, and the Future of Healthcare

Fahed Bitar, MD - 8/6/2019 - 0

Minimally-invasive procedures such as TAVR and a team-based approach to medicine are two types of innovation that provide patients with better overall care.

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Health Conditions That Can Lead to a Hysterectomy

Jennifer Landis - 4/9/2019 - 1

Many health conditions can lead to a hysterectomy. Except for uterine cancer, most have other treatment options prior to resorting to surgery.

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Why a Liver Donation May One Day Save My Life

Alyssa Klemm - 1/16/2019 - 1

Alyssa Klemm was born with biliary atresia, a condition that almost always requires a liver transplant. Now in college, she is passionate about organ donation.

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Trust is the Essence of the Doctor-Patient Relationship

Sharon Ben-Or, M.D. - 12/5/2018 - 3

Anger & depression after multiple readmissions led a cancer patient, a surgeon, to lose trust in her doctor. Here’s how they repaired the relationship.

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Knee Bandage by Doctor

Speedy Recovery: Post-Op Advice from a Vascular Surgeon

Chris Dickson, MD - 10/14/2018 - 0

Proper post-operative home care is important to your recovery. Give your body a chance to heal and help it along with these 6 rules.

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Three surgeons in masks (Adobe Stock Photos)

Reducing the Risk of Surgery One Patient at a Time

Reshma Ananthakrishnan - 7/5/2018 - 5

The Ready Surgery AI-Enhanced Risk Intelligence Platform was created by a digital health entrepreneur after her aunt’s unexpected death from a surgical procedure.

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