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My Life with Sacral Agenesis: Love and Marriage

For some, there may be a perception that if you have medical issues, limitations and so forth, you are less of a person or not worthy of love.

How Two Surgeries in One Week Challenged My Optimism

Being a "pro" at having major surgery (more than forty in her forty years), Julie Hemker found that two surgeries in one week was a major challenge to her usual optimism.

When Life With Sacral Agenesis Isn’t Fair: A Surgery Do-Over

When surgery for a fractured vertebrae had to be aborted, Julie Hemker, a veteran of more than 40 surgeries because of sacral agenesis, describes what it is like to face a do over.

New Challenges in My ‘Normal’ Life with Sacral Agenesis

New medical problems challenge the normal of Julie Hemker's life with sacral agenesis

Miracle Baby with Sacral Agenesis Turns 40!

Born with sacral agenesis and not expected to live, this miracle baby reflects on the wonder of her life as she turns 40.

The Medtronic Infuse Scandal: Is the System Rigged?

An investigation into the use of Medtronic's Infuse device in spinal fusion surgery has uncovered a scandal that is bound to shake up the cozy relationship of device manufacturers and the orthopedic profession.
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When Chronic Pain is Relieved, Life is So Much Better

When chronic pain is relieved, life changes. Julie Hemker, a young woman with sacral agenesis, describes her life after a spinal cord stimulator.

Chronic Pain Wallops Even This Optimist

Even an eternal optimist who has smiled her way through life, despite 49 surgeries to correct problems related to sacral agenesis, can get beaten down by chronic pain

When I Am in Pain, Don’t Treat Me Like an Addict

Although in unbearable pain due to complications of sacral agenesis, Julie Hemker is treated like an addict when she visits a pain clinic thanks to a new law in her home state of Indiana.
Julie Hemker sacral agenesis

Another Speed Bump in the Wild Ride of Sacral Agenesis

When we last heard from Julie, she was recovering from a complex surgery to relieve severe pain related to complications of sacral agenesis. We are sorry to learn that she once is dealing with severe pain, but as Julie aways says, there is a silver lining - she is once more writing and sharing her story with us.
Julie Hemker sacral agenesis

Life Goes On

Life goes on whether I’m having surgery or not; whether, I’m on bed rest or not; whether I’m in recovery or not. Life zooms...
living with sacral agenesis complications

Sunshine: The Joy of Getting Back to Normal

Time has passed since I last wrote.  Why?  The post-operative phase of this process proves challenging and it will be lengthy.  Funny how I...