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HealthMap flu

Putting the Public Back in Public Health

HealthMap aggregates data from disparate sources, including reports submitted by individuals, to create a global interactive map of infectious disease.
Dr. Mehmet Oz

The Best (and Worst) of #OzsInBox

Twitterverse has been going bonkers over the #OzsInBox tweet. It's has been lot's of fun for every one except, I expect, the good Doctor, his producers and his sponsers.

John Mattison MD on Love, Compassion and Health

There is a significant body of scientific evidence that how well people are connected with friends and family and have a caring community has a profound influence on their wellness and health. John Mattison, CMIO of Kaiser Permanente SoCal explains
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Social Media and HIV Prevention

A new study tested the feasibility, acceptability, and effectiveness of using social networking sites (specifically Facebook) to increase HIV prevention and testing. Here are the results.
Asian father and son talking

Yes Virginia, Everything Evolves, Even Language

Albert Einstein is synonymous with genius in the popular mind. And he is. His formulation of the relationship of matter mass E= mc² has...
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Automating Your Healthcare Social Media Strategy

Attending HIMSS12 as media had many advantages, the most compelling of which was the tremendous outreach from HIMSS vendors to set up appointments to...

The Mood of the Country in a Cacophony of Tweets

I have to admit, I have been grossly underestimating Twitter. After all, who is interested in Sara Palin’s latest shopping trip, or in my announcement...

Wisdom of the Crowd: Let the Conversation Begin

Here is an interesting comment I received about my post on “Wisdom of the Crowd” from Michael. “This column by Dov and the factors it...

Cyber Bullying – More Pernicious than the ‘Regular’ Kind

Who could forget the horrible story of Phoebe Prince, the 15-year-old Irish immigrant who committed suicide after relentless bullying by nine school mates.  But...

Network Medicine: A Fascinating Development

Dr. Dov Michaeli dives deeper into the networking effects of obesity and how social networks can play a role.