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Millennial Moms: Social Media Compulsion and ‘Oversharenting’

Julia Beyers - 3/18/2019 - 0

Many mIllennial moms have a social media compulsion often sharing many photos of their kids (oversharenting). We wondered how this affects their kids.

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A gagged man, prevented from speaking vector

Can Facebook Be Trusted To Decide What We Should See?

Patricia Salber, MD, MBA - 4/11/2018 - 2

In the midst of the brouhaha about breaches of data privacy, Facebook is also taking on the challenge of weeding out fake news and hate speech. But, can we trust them to do it right? There is a fine line between thoughtful content curation and censorship.

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Millennials with smartphones (529 x 397)

Smartphone Syndrome: A Millennial Mental Health Crisis

Thomas G. Kimball, PhD - 2/16/2018 - 1

Millennials were born during a period of rapid technological transformation. Most millennials have never known life without a cellular telephone or without having access to the internet. The mental health effects of being “always connected” have only recently started to be considered.

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Female physician using smart phone 2048 x 1365

5 Reasons Why Doctors Should Use Social Media

Jennifer Landis - 8/30/2017 - 1

Social media offers doctors opportunities to educate patients, provide better customer service, reduce visits, improve scheduling, and increase loyalty.

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hands handcuffed to iPhone close up 1920 x 1280

Is the Internet Engineered to Be Addictive?

Dov Michaeli, MD, PhD - 5/23/2017 - 0

The insatiable addiction to an ever-increasing numbers of “likes” or “friends” we accumulate is with us here today, creating the potential for a dystopian society.

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