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Natural Remedies for Insomnia in Addiction Recovery

Insomnia puts a recovering addict at risk for relapse, tempting them to use the same substances they abused to get relief from the aggravating lack of sleep.
Clock on man's blue eye circadian rhythm (1000 x 667)

From Fruit Flies to Nobel Prize: The Circadian Rhythm Story

The discoveries of this year's Nobel Prize winners paves the way for the development of therapeutics that could provide benefit to billions of people.
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How Aging Affects Your Sleep and What To Do About It

Sleeping patterns change as we age, but luckily there are a lot of things that you can do that can help you sleep better even though you no longer sleep like a baby.
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How a Smart Bed Can Help You Learn to Sleep Better

Sleep Number's new Sleep 360 bed automatically collects data from you & uploads it to the cloud, where it can be integrated with data from your personal IoT ecosystem. It can help you learn what factors help or hurt your sleep.
Sleep deprivation LEDs

Are LEDs Ruining Your Sleep? You Betcha!

Blue light in the ubiquitous LED stimulates orexin, the alertness hormone. So is it any wonder we are sleeping less?
Sleep deprivation LEDs

Can’t Fall Asleep? Just Cool it

Can't fall asleep? Do you suffer from insomnia? There may just be a treatment that will help you.
Didgeridoo sleep apnea

Did You Know There is a Sleep Apnea Didgeridoo?

The therapeutic benefit of the didgeridoo for sleep apnea is said to be related to the circular breathing technique used to create didge music.
Didgeridoo sleep apnea

Got Sleep Apnea? Can’t Do CPAP? How About the Didgeridoo?

Is the didgeridoo a viable option for CPAP failures? Maybe or maybe not.
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Sleep Apnea: One More Thing to Deal With

When a doctor learns she has severe sleep apnea, she explores her option for treatment. The choices are not great.