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Top 8 Home Safety Tips for Seniors

Everyone knows that nonslip bath mats and night lights can prevent falls, but here's a list of lesser-known measures that can keep seniors safe in their homes.
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Can Retirement Increase Life Expectancy?

Choosing to retire in a CCRC, if it has lots of activities and on-site healthcare, may not only increase longevity but also make life more fulfilling.
senior friendly gym

How to Spot a Senior-Friendly Gym

By conducting just a little bit of research, older adults can find a safe and welcoming gym to carry on an active lifestyle well into their senior years.
Zvi Dannenberg running Larkspur steps

Zvi Danenberg – The Lord of the Steps

Every year on the fourth of July, my wife and fellow blogger, Pat Salber and I follow a routine that is, by now, one...