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Distinguishing Grief, Loneliness, or Depression in Seniors

Is the senior in your life battling with grief, loneliness, or depression? Learn the differences between these blue feelings and how you can help combat them.
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Why Premium Support for Medicare is a Bad Idea

Proposals that would change Medicare into a voucher program, also termed premium support, will harm the popular program and the people who rely on it.
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Top 8 Home Safety Tips for Seniors

Everyone knows that nonslip bath mats and night lights can prevent falls, but here's a list of lesser-known measures that can keep seniors safe in their homes.
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Can Retirement Increase Life Expectancy?

Choosing to retire in a CCRC, if it has lots of activities and on-site healthcare, may not only increase longevity but also make life more fulfilling.
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How to Spot a Senior-Friendly Gym

By conducting just a little bit of research, older adults can find a safe and welcoming gym to carry on an active lifestyle well into their senior years.
Zvi Dannenberg running Larkspur steps

Zvi Danenberg – The Lord of the Steps

What can we learn from Zvi Danenberg? Lifestyle makes significant contributions to your ability to live a long and healthy life.
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Want to Live to 100? Read This

A fascinating article by Dan Buettner was written about the "Blue Zones", areas where people live to the ages of 90, 100, and older.