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New Year's Resolutions

10 Tips for Sticking With Your New Year’s Resolutions All Year

The hardest part of New Year's resolutions is sticking with them. These 10 simple tips will ensure that you are able to accomplish everything on your list.
chronic illness self care doctor patient laughing

The Importance of Self-Care in Chronic Illness Management

A new survey shows us that patients have a strong desire for their physicians to be involved in helping them with chronic illness management self-care.
mans hands using smartphone 1500 x 1000

How to Make Managing Diabetes a Good Habit

Although there is no cure for diabetes, there are new tools available to help make managing diabetes a good habit.
Graphic of human body with intestines in red 1280 x 720

5 Tips for People Living with Crohn’s Disease

Most people with Crohn's disease respond well if they follow the treatment plan provided by their doctor, track their symptoms and adopt a healthy lifestyle.
Man cleaning ears with pick

The Best Way to Remove Ear Wax

There is a safe way (and some dangerous ways) to clean your ears at home.
My GI Health You Tube Screen Shot

Digital Tools for Gastrointestinal Health

Two new digital tools to help manage gastrointestinal health are the MyGIHealth app for clinicians and the MyNutritionHealth app for patients.
MC10 temporary tattoo with embedded sensors

Are Implantables the New Wearables?

If you aren't wearing your wearables anymore, maybe you are ready for a new form factor - embeddables or even implantables?

A Cardiologist Entrepreneur Rev’s Up MD Revolution

I had a chance to chat with Samir Damani, MD, PharmD, FACC at CES 2014 (is that enough letters for you?). Samir is a...