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Can You Believe in Science and Still Vote for Trump?

Most people understand the primacy of scientific facts in ordering our personal and public life, but a more primal imperative, tribalism, often wins out.
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The Consequences of Disbelieving in Free Will Are Too Awful

Studies about the concept of belief or non-belief in free will shed light on the question of how ostensibly religious people commit atrocities.

The Surprising Benefit of Fear

Fear is one of our most primitive emotions, yet it plays an important role in the development of modern societies.
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The Golden Rule vs. the Golden Ratio

The Golden Rule and the Golden Ratio are but metaphors for two world views.
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Does Religion Drive Moral Sensitivity?

What drives moral sensitivity: Science or Religion? A new study examines the question and the answer is surprising.
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Praying for the Sick? Does It Work?

Researchers studied the impact of intercessory prayer on recovery from heart attack—the results may surprise you.
why can't I eat bacon

Why Can’t I Eat Bacon?

I can wolf down any amount of shrimps, crab, lobster. You name it. But I can't do pork, ham, or bacon. Irrational, I know. Does it come from the fear of God?
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Can Mandated Benefits Violate Corporate Religious Freedom?

Pat Salber explores the issues surrounding mandated contraception coverage and the claim that it violates a corporation's religious freedom.
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The Neurobiology of Seemingly Stupid Decisions

If you are even casually aware of politics you must have wondered, with varying degrees of frustration, about people who can’t seem to see...
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The Neuropsychology of Disbelief

No, it's not a typo; this study on religious belief took an unconventional tack. The investigators, Will M. Gervais and Ara Norzayan of the University...
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Will Belief in Science Change Our Belief in God?

Dov Michaeli wonders, 'Will our believe in God persist as our knowledge of the physical world increases?'
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Lest We Forget: Somber Thought for the New Year

After a trip to Cartagena's Inquisition Museum on New Year's Eve, Dov Michaeli reminds us to not forget the lessons of the past and try to become a bit more human and humane to each other.