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Practical Solutions to our Misaligned Care Problem (Part 1)

The current payment model for pharmacy does not align with quality care and needs to be replaced with a model that rewards patient-centered care.

When it Comes to Telemedicine, Who is Paying for What?

Telemedicine reimbursement policies vary by payer. Leanza Tupfer reviews what is covered based on type of payer (Medicare, Medicaid, Private Plans).

A Journey from Volume to Value-based Care

If you are thinking about applying for a value-based incentive program, you will want to ask yourself some key questions first.

Do You Trust Medicare with Your Health? Read and Decide

Diane Evans fact-checks Medicare's claims about its newly announced physician-reimbursement plan (MACRA) that will affect the healthcare coverage of more than 55 million Americans.

4 Things to Consider Before You Get Started in Telemedicine

Practices wanting to implement a telemedicine program often err by focusing first on buying equipment instead of developing a strategic plan for guiding them.
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For-Profit Diet Clinics Turn Fat into Money

The boom in for-profit diet clinics fueled by insurance reimbursement proves that when it comes to healthcare, no good turn goes unexploited.
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How Provider Financial Accountability Will Solve Our Healthcare Problems

Changing practice incentives may not change the behavior of individual physicians if specialists are still be paid on the basis of work performed.