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Artificial Intelligence: Can It Improve Results of Cancer Screening Programs?

Joshua Mansour, M.D. - 1/26/2020 - 2

Breast & lung cancer screening programs have led to diagnoses at an earlier stage. AI-deep learning systems improve on those results by reducing diagnostic errors.

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What Will Radiology Look Like in the Age of AI?

Noah Rue - 5/11/2018 - 0

Instead of competing with AI, many health professionals predict that they will work with it, similar to how the autopilot feature is used in aviation — it did not replace the job of pilots but enhanced it.

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Is it the Dawning of the Age of AI in Medicine?

Peter Karth, MD, MBA - 6/19/2017 - 1

Is medicine (and the greater world) entering a new dawn of artificial intelligence and technology? If so, will these AI technologies only assist doctors or will they replace physician in some tasks?

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