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Artificial Intelligence: Can It Improve Results of Cancer Screening Programs?

Breast & lung cancer screening programs have led to diagnoses at an earlier stage. AI-deep learning systems improve on those results by reducing diagnostic errors.
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What Will Radiology Look Like in the Age of AI?

Instead of competing with AI, many health professionals predict that they will work with it, similar to how the autopilot feature is used in aviation — it did not replace the job of pilots but enhanced it.
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Is it the Dawning of the Age of AI in Medicine?

Is medicine (and the greater world) entering a new dawn of artificial intelligence and technology? If so, will these AI technologies only assist doctors or will they replace physician in some tasks?

How Technology Squeezed the Joy Out of Radiology

Digitization of radiology has brought important benefits to radiology practice, but the increasing isolation of radiologists may contribute to burnout.
the future of psychiatry arshya vahabzadeh

6 Trends That Reimagine Mental Health and Psychiatry

Arshya Vahabzadeh, MD presented his vision in the talk, The Future of Psychiatry, and discussed six new trends that will shape the way mental health is assessed and treated.
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Healthcare Costs Are On The Rise Again

Healthcare costs resumed their inexorable rise in 2014, after flat growth for the preceding four years. ACA expansion is the primary driver.
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The Problem of Dense Breasts

Forty-three percent of women ages 40-74 have mammographically dense breasts making it difficult, if not impossible in some cases, to detect cancer on routine mammogram screening.