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close up osteoporotic bones, risk factor for (fragility fractures)

Osteoporosis: Do You Know Your Risk of Fragility Fractures?

Patricia Salber, MD, MBA - 2/11/2021 - 1

A fragility fracture may be the first obvious sign of osteoporosis. It should trigger an evaluation of bone health, including bone density.

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dentist with smiling patient

Dentists: An Untapped Resource for Equitable COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

Myechia Minter-Jordan, M.D. - 12/23/2020 - 1

Why dentists should be an integral part of the COVID-19 vaccine distribution & administration: broad reach, trust, & they’ve done it before.

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non-dairy-milk (three cows)

The Rise of Non-dairy Milk – Are Cows Getting the Boot?

Swetha Tummala - 8/31/2020 - 2

There is no robust evidence on the detriments of cow’s milk but it has health benefits that non-dairy milk does not.

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COVID-19 octopus graphic

Young Journalists Report: Around the World with COVID-19

Aala Basheir and Rebecca Michaeli - 5/24/2020 - 0

Young journalists from Iowa City High School report on the experiences of people around the world during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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COVID-19 defense system

Defeating COVID-19 Requires a Military-Grade Defense System

Peter J. Plantes, MD, FACP - 4/24/2020 - 2

A new dashboard utilizing data from 20,000 labs provides a 21st Century military-grade, Dowding-like defense system to use against COVID-19.

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COVID-19: Key Elements for Optimal Protection of Healthcare Workers

Nouf Moh’d Khalifeh, MD - 4/4/2020 - 0

Recommendations for the optimal protection of healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic are based on a review of the published experience.

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What to Do If Your Hands Are a Mess From Washing Them So Much!

Fayne Frey, MD - 3/12/2020 - 3

Proper handwashing is an essential step to protect yourself from infectious agents, such as coronavirus. It can, however, lead to dry skin and hand eczema.

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MedShare Responds (Again) to the Coronavirus Outbreak in China

Patricia Salber, MD, MBA - 2/10/2020 - 0

MedShare partners with The Coca-Cola Foundation & The UPS Foundation to send 1.8 million respirator masks to China in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

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Google, Big Data, and Public Health

Noah Rue - 9/5/2019 - 0

Google isn’t the only tech company with ambitions to improve public health but it’s one of the most visible companies making concerted efforts to enter the field.

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Healthy Life Extended by Eight Years in a Landmark Study

William H. Bestermann, Jr., MD - 8/12/2019 - 0

We know we can extend healthy life using readily available medications and a team-based, systematic approach. But, do we have the will to do it?

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Ada app open on smartphone (courtesy of Ada Health) 2000 x 1125

Ada Health Adds Swahili to Expand its Global Reach

Patricia Salber, MD, MBA - 2/21/2019 - 0

Ada Health’s Global Health Initiative advances its mission to make quality, personalized care a reality for everyone by adding Swahili and Romanian.

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How to Optimize the Treatment of Asthma

Teofilo Lee-Chiong, MD - 12/3/2018 - 3

Asthma is a chronic disease that is manageable through medications and by eliminating or avoiding triggers (e.g., allergens, poor indoor air quality).

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