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The Ethical Stain on U.S. Medical Care

The pervasiveness of inappropriate care is the U.S. medical system's biggest ethical stain. Alternatives, such as optimal medical management, are often ignored in favor of better paying surgical procedures.

What You Should Know About the HPV Vaccine

Although HPV vaccine has been shown to be safe and effective at reducing infection with the virus that causes cervical and oropharyngeal cancers, vaccination rates in the US are so low they have been labeled a serious public health threat.

How to Thrive in the New PCP Marketplace

As technology has evolved to deliver more information quicker than ever before, patients’ expectation about how services can and should be delivered has changed. Here are some changes practices can make to meet and exceed those expectations.

How to Choose the Medical Practice Model That is Right for...

There are 3 concierge models of medical practice--understanding the differences can help you choose the one that is right for you.

The Case for Palliative Care in Heart Failure

Heart failure provides a good example of a non-cancer condition that benefits from palliative care, especially in its advanced stages.

Why Deaths From Colon Cancer Are Falling

Colon cancer incidence & mortality have declined dramatically - reasons include screening, primary prevention, better diagnosis, and treatment.