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What Really Works to Reduce Osteoarthritis Pain in the Knee?

Losing weight and exercising are the best medicine for pain due to knee osteoarthritis, the problem is both are hard to do. Community-based programs are being developed (and studied) to see what works best.

Depression Screening: Has the USPSTF Lost its Voice of Caution?

Unlike the recommendations in Britain and Canada, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) advises screening all adults and teens for depression. Some experts fear it will lead to overdiagnosis and overtreatment.
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The Critical Ingredient to the Success of Vaccination Programs

The success of vaccination programs depends on being familiar with the bitter lessons of our continuous struggle with epidemic infectious diseases.
U.S. Doctors Earning Per Year

How Much Money Do U.S. Doctors Make Per Year?

The 2016 Medscape Physician Compensation Survey answers the question "how much money do U.S. doctors make," including who makes it and for what specialty.
Voting as a Vital Sign_1000x667

It’s Time to Think of Voting as a Vital Sign

A family doc says, "If you are a primary care doc or clinician who works with the underserved, start asking people if they are registered to vote, then help them to do it." #VotingIsAVitalSign

Does Your Health Plan Cover the Cancer Screenings You Need?

Confused by the variability in cancer screening guidelines and coverage? A new digital tool from the Prevent Cancer Foundation can help you.

A New Year’s Resolution for Physicians: Empathize with the Obese

A physician who has struggled with a life-long addiction to over-eating and obesity, asks other docs to join him in a resolution for the New Year: Empathize with the obese.

The Definitive Debunking of the Cranberry-UTI Myth

A paper by Lindsay E. Nicolle of the University of Manitoba provides a definitive rejection of the cranberry-UTI myth. Dov Michaeli explains why.

Why Do Doctors Make Diagnosis Errors?

Physicians fail to diagnose accurately for many reasons including biases and premature closure of the decision-making process.

What Every Senior Needs to Know About the New Flu Vaccines

Because seniors may have a muted response to standard flu vaccines, they may need to get one of the new flu vaccines designed for older adults instead.

Words Matter When Treating People with Addiction

When we label someone with an addiction a substance abuser, we send the message that the condition is less treatable and that the person is somehow to blame. Words matter.

Why Military Service Needs to be Part of the Medical History

Because veterans can now seek government-funded care in the private sector under certain circumstances, practitioners should inquire about health factors related to military service.